What You Need to Know Before You Start Homeschooling

When you’re new to homeschooling, the logistics can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful time. These homeschooling basics will help you have your homeschool up and running as stress-free as possible.1. Make the Decision to HomeschoolMaking the decision to homeschool can be difficult and is not one to be made lightly. As you are deciding if homeschooling is right for you, consider factors such as:The time commitmentThe pros and cons of homeschooling based on your family’s needsYour spouse and child’s opinions about homeschoolingThere are many factors that go into deciding to homeschool and many are unique to your family’s specific needs. Talk to other homeschooling families in person or online. Consider attending a homeschool support group meeting or find out if the groups in your area offer events for new homeschooling families. Some groups will pair families with an experienced mentor or host Q&A nights.2. Understand Homeschool LawsIt is important to know and follow the homeschool laws and requirements of your state or region. Although homeschooling is legal in all 50 states, some are more heavily regulated than others, particularly if your child is a certain age (6 or 7 to 16 or 17 in most …

Does Homeschooling Get a National Education System Recognized Diploma?

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The term homeschooling is familiar to the ear. However, there are not a few people who are misguided in understanding homeschooling. Some questions like Does homeschooling get a diploma? What is the status of homeschooling, is it official or unofficial? In addition to those two questions, there are many other homeschooling questions that arise in the community. What is Homeschooling?

There is really no definition of homeschooling or home schooling. Reporting student-activity.binus.ac.id, in general, homeschooling is defined as an alternative model of learning other than in conventional schools, both colleagues and communities with their own regulations regarding the process of providing education. In addition to homeschooling, the term home schooling is also known as home education, home based learning, or independent schooling.

Based on this explanation, homeschooling is not an educational institution or tutoring carried out by an institution. Homeschooling is a model of learning at home with parents in charge of the main person. Through homeschooling, parents can determine for themselves the right teaching system according to their children’s abilities, interests, and learning styles.

Quoted in the 2020 edition of the Journal of Education For All, although …

Hand In Hand – Further Education And Career

The willingness to continue learning has increased.  Staying up to date on the job or learning something completely new is actually “in” and offers some advantages.

We Learn Not For School, But For Life!

This admittedly “inverted” quote from Seneca’s letter to Lucilius makes two very important points for our time: In my opinion, this is still falling short in some important areas such as social and emotional skills.  When we learn for life, we also learn for life. Training, then a job for life, and then a well-deserved pension – that no longer works today.

Due to demographic development, rapid technical progress, and increasing globalization, our working world has become faster, the pressure has increased and the demands on each and every one of us have increased. Areas of responsibility and activities within a company change extremely quickly. One thing is required above all: flexibility!

Hardly any employee, hardly any manager can escape the so-called “adaptation training”. However, if you want to move up the career ladder, or want to get ahead professionally, you also have to continue your education for advancement, i.e. for your own career. Career and further education go hand in hand.

Training Can Mean

Positive Impact of Having a Disciplined Attitude

Discipline makes you a more focused person and not only that, discipline makes you understand that all things have rules and must be obeyed. Sometimes it’s easier to disobey than to obey but the more you disobey the more messy life becomes. Living disciplined is easy as long as there is a will and you will get the following five positive things.

Appreciated By Those Around You

Being appreciated by those around you is an advantage that makes you feel at home to live a disciplined life. For example, if you don’t come late to work, it shows that you can set an example. Automatically your co-workers will really appreciate your personality.

Good At Managing Time

Disciplined people must be good at managing time. Whether it’s for studying, traveling, or helping parents. Time is very valuable and cannot be bought by anyone, so disciplined people really believe in that. So don’t be surprised if disciplined people don’t like to make friends with people who are lazy with time.

 Doing Well When Given Responsibility

Discipline teaches you that doing work should be maximal. Because you think it’s a big responsibility. And a disciplined person certainly likes responsibility. So, it really has …

Develop Children’s Character From an Early Age

No child is born equal in this world. But on the one hand, this difference is quite difficult, especially in terms of building relationships and understanding each other. The quality of a child’s character is developed from the family environment, school, choices, and experiences of the little one’s daily life. What can you do? Check out the following tips:

Be A Role Model For Your Little One

Parents with good character or traits will teach good values ​​and norms to their little ones. Give an example of a good character to your little one through your behavior and actions. If you are honest, or also trustworthy, even you look fair, down to the nature of love, your little one will also imitate this. Especially if he feels that this behavior brings happiness, satisfaction, and peace to the family.

Take Advantage Of Certain Moments To Build Children’s Character

When your little one makes a mistake or breaks a house rule, he should know it. Mothers must make the rules that the little one has violated into a way to discipline the child and become a way to shape the child’s character. Tell your little one what went wrong where and then …

Models, Goals, Benefits and Getting to Know Homeschooling | Homeschooling East Jakarta

Homeschooling is a learning activity that has various benefits and educational purposes, especially for children because it can take place comfortably and pleasantly. Homeschooling will bring children to learn in the real world, in a very open nature so that the benefits can be felt by both children and parents.

Homeschooling as a place to instill a love of learning by providing freedom to learn anywhere, anytime and to anyone. It can also make parents aware that learning can be done anywhere, including at home. HOMESCHOOLING GOALS AND BENEFITS

According to John Holt The objectives of implementing homeschooling are:Ensuring the completion of quality primary and secondary education for academic learning and life skillsEnsuring equitable and easy access to education for each individual for the academic learning process and life skillsServing students who need academic education and skills flexibly to improve the quality of their lives.

According to Adilistiono, (2011: 36) homeschooling has the following benefits:Children are the subject of learning. Through homeschooling, children are really given the opportunity to determine the materials they learn. Children are really subjects in learning activities.Flexible. As a form of informal education system, the main key to the implementation of homeschooling is the existence of …