3 Easy Ways to Learn Microsoft Office 2010

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You may have any one of a number of reasons why you’d like to take training for Microsoft Office 2010. Whether you’re a private computer user who’d like to learn how to create and share documents are a business owner who’d like to leverage all the great benefits this productivity suite offers, there are numerous ways you could go about learning the successor to MS Office 2007. Here are three of the easiest ways to learn Office 2010.

A Bootcamp Training Program

If you want to learn how to use every feature of MS Office 2010 very rapidly, then you should think about signing up for a Bootcamp training program. This is an accelerated course that is taught over the span of just a few days. While this training option is one of the most expensive out there, what you get for your money is impressive. You will be taught by Microsoft-certified instructors using high-quality courseware. You will be provided with a hotel room, free meals & snacks, free test vouchers, and the ability to obtain your certification in just a matter of days. Of course, exactly what you will be provided with will depend on which training company you use, but generally speaking, you can expect not to have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses when you’ve signed up for Bootcamp training.

Training DVDs

If you would prefer to learn from a professional trainer while sitting at your own desk, consider buying a Microsoft Office 2010 DVD training program. This visual training method is a great way to retain the information you learn so you can learn how to use all the tools and features of MS Office 2010 very rapidly. If you learn faster when shown how to do things, this training would be ideal for you. And, if you are pinched for money as many of us are today, you’ll be glad to learn that you can buy a complete MS Office 2010 DVD training course for right around $50.

Virtual Classroom Training

By signing up for a virtual classroom training program, you could learn how to use MS Office 2010 at your office, home, or anywhere you have an internet connection. This type of training is often used by corporations as it dramatically reduces the need for time outside the office. This type of training is typically delivered in short, bite-sized sessions and all sessions are fully interactive with instructor-led demos, hands-on exercises, and Q&A sessions. This type of training also usually provides you with direct access to Microsoft Office 2010 tutorial videos you watch at any time you wish.

Which training option you choose is dependent upon how much money you can spend on the training, how much flexibility you require in a training program, and the type of training you prefer. When you’ve decided which training option is best suited for you, look for an established training provider online that offers the training you need at a price you can afford.