3 Mistakes in Educating Children

Quality Education

When you are happy when you are blessed with a child, then the important thing you must know is how to educate children by knowing the child’s character. Then, you also have to know what are the mistakes in educating children that often occur. Thus, your role as a parent is very important when educating your child. You should know in advance what mistakes often occur in educating children

Too Pampering Children

Everyone realizes that parents work hard and work hard to provide for the family. However. parents often forget to distinguish between ‘happy children and ‘educating children.’ Maybe for most people, it looks trivial. However, these two statements have a big influence on parents in treating their children.

The statement ‘happy children are very synonymous with fun, cheerful, joy, and jokes. parents struggle to keep their children happy and not fussy. Usually, parents tend to give things that are liked by children. On the other hand, the statement ‘educating children is closely related to discipline, honesty, example, courtesy, courtesy, patience, and so on. This statement is indirectly related to the character education of children and how to properly educate children.

Wrongly Choose The Style Of Educating Children

Perhaps you have seen a child who was hesitant and embarrassed to express an opinion. Or have you ever met a child who was selfish and easily angered? Especially when the child’s wishes are not fulfilled. On the other hand, you may have seen children who respect their parents but are independent and patient. Actually, this incident did not happen by chance. It all started from the style of educating children that parents do. As a result, educational styles that are repeated for a long time have an impact on the formation of children’s character.

Not Formed A Good Family Culture

The characters of each family member reflect the culture of a family. When parents fail to implement good character education for their children, this is where the beginning of not forming a good family culture. Therefore, parents must be role models who are respected and loved by their children. Children with this attitude will be able to apply a good culture in the family.

The importance of the role of parents in every child’s psychological development is an absolute requirement for the formation of a good child’s character. Because every child’s psychological development is different depending on the personality of each child. Parents should know the child’s personality type as early as possible. This is an effort to determine the approach in educating children so that the child’s positive character is formed.


By knowing the child’s personality, parents are more aware of the potential and interests of children for designing future careers.