4 Types of Characteristics of Early Childhood

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not just that your little one is your favorite child who needs special attention, but rather that you can provide the right stimulus so that your growth and development in your golden period can take place optimally. An understanding of the characteristics of your child will give you an idea of what kind of stimulus is more appropriate to give him. Your child’s intelligence can develop rapidly during this period because your child learns completely from scratch. Up to the age of 6 years is the age that is highly recommended to get a lot of intellectual stimuli, so that brain cells are connected faster so that their intelligence is also formed faster. Some studies say that children’s intelligence will be formed by approximately 50% in the first 4 years of life.

If you look at this percentage, of course, you must provide a stimulus in various forms so that this opportunity can be utilized as much as possible. But don’t forget, in addition to brain development, your little one also experiences physical growth that is no less rapid. Muscle building, movement coordination, and many other factors must also be maximized. To provide the right stimulus, you must first know the characteristics of your little one. What are the characteristics? Check out the following explanation.


Some children have a tendency to be quite selfish in themselves. Of course, this is not wrong, with records managed and guided properly. With the right guidance from Mums, your little one can become a person with a strong focus and persistent attitude. This is good for his future when he has desires and pursues life goals.

However, if it is not managed properly, this selfish nature, or can be called egocentric can actually harm the Little One and the environment. Why is that? The selfish little one will trouble his friends a lot. He will easily experience negative emotions when he does not get what he wants and becomes less likely to share.


Great curiosity is a characteristic of early childhood that is quite often found in Indonesia. This character is shown by the little one who interacts a lot with the objects around him, points a lot at things, walks a lot and comes to new things, asks a lot of questions, and all kinds of other curious activities.

This character needs to be balanced with Mums’ broad knowledge so that your little one gets the right answer for their curiosity. Don’t forget, Mums, continue to accompany your little one when he explores his world. In addition to being the answer to his question, Mums can also maintain the safety of your little one when he comes to a place or is close to an object that has a potential danger.

Meeting People

In addition to the two characters above, there are also children who have the character of meeting new people. Children with this character have high self-confidence and courage because they are not easily afraid of new people they meet. Usually, this character is also accompanied by considerable curiosity, like the character in the second point.

Meeting lots of people helps your little one get new preferences for the formation of his character. When meeting and interacting, your little one will pay a lot of attention to what the new person says and does. When you can guide your little one in this matter, he will be a sociable and sociable person.

Strong Imagination

The last character is a child with a strong imagination. This character is usually shown by the little one who can enjoy a lot of time playing with his toys in the room, pretends to be his idolized character, and likes to make works with colors or pictures.

Little ones with strong imaginations can be stimulated by inviting them to play together, read a lot of storybooks, show lots of useful and age-appropriate shows, and work together. In this way, your little one will be more trained in his imagination and it is not impossible that in the future he will become a great artist.

The characteristics of early childhood above are not singular, but rather tend to be dominant. Character formation will be optimal if you find the dominant character you have, and provide the right assistance to that character and balance the others.

Discussing the characteristics of early childhood may not be enough to be conveyed in this light article, but it needs further discussion. What is certain is that as parents, you can meet your daily nutritional needs to support your little one’s growth and development