5 Reasons Laptops Are More Suitable For School Children

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Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, which has not yet been completed, of course, this will also greatly affect the systematic learning that exists in school children. For this reason, the government decided to carry out teaching and learning activities with an online system. So that in this activity, gadgets such as laptops or smartphones have an important role to support learning activities at home. For that, on this occasion, the author will provide a review of, 5 reasons laptops are more suitable for school children than smartphones. How’s the full review? For more details, let’s see the review below.

Has A Wider Function

Because laptops are classified as portable computers, of course, laptops have more functions than smartphones. So that by buying a laptop, we can get many more facilities to carry out various activities that are still related to online learning activities.

Doesn’t Make Eyes Tired

Because the laptop has a fairly wide screen dimension, of course, this will affect the comfort of the eyes when using this device for learning activities for a longer period of time. Given that if we use a smartphone, of course, this will affect the level of eye fatigue because the screen is quite limited.

Can Be Used For A Long Period Of Time

Basically, a smartphone is a gadget that has a sector that changes specifications with a fairly fast periodic time, so the risk of technology lag due to not upgrading a smartphone is quite high. However, if we use a laptop, we can use this device for a long time, so that by using a laptop learning activities can be more supported even though it is used at a higher level of education.

Can Be Useful As A Medium For Channeling Specific Talents

In this digital era, it is not surprising that most children today have a tendency to have hobbies that are still related to the digital world, such as design, multimedia, and programming. So if we use a laptop, besides being useful for learning activities, laptops can also function as a medium to channel-specific hobbies or talents of children.

Easy In Terms Of Supervision

Because laptops have wider dimensions than smartphones, of course, this will make it easier for parents to supervise their children when using gadgets. And for a wider level of surveillance, laptops have very supportive feature support to meet this need.

Of course, taking into account the five things above, a laptop is one device that is quite recommended from all aspects to meet the needs of studying while at home