5 Reasons We Must Come On Time

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Come on, admit, who is a studioschoolaurora friend who likes to dance? unintentionally is it a habit? Margaret is another name for arriving late. Well, we often schedule an appointment an hour in advance, because we know that we or one of our friends might not come on time. Crashes can occur for a variety of reasons, one of the most common being traffic jams.

It is undeniable that traveling time is often difficult to predict, but is traffic jams always a reason to arrive late? Or is it really a habit? Of course, the habit of arriving late is not good and many people think this habit needs to be understood. But actually, there are many things that will lose if we continue to maintain it and do not try to change it. Let’s see, here are the reasons why we have to get used to coming on time, the studioschoolaurora version

Discipline Yourself

All the activities we do are related to time, by simply arriving on time you will get used to behaving disciplined.

Can Make the Best of Opportunities

Have you ever heard the phrase “Opportunity doesn’t come twice”? By being on time we can do our work according to the schedule that has been set. We don’t have to bother changing the schedule if you arrive late, you can take advantage of the opportunities if you come on time.

More Productive In Getting Things Done

Arriving on time is part of the plan that you must stick to. The days that will be lived will not be wasted if you can arrive on time and there may be a lot more things that can be done if you don’t arrive late, and you will be more productive.

Part Of Respecting Yourself And Others

Have you ever felt waiting for your friend who came late? not good isn’t it? Arriving on time is part of how we respect others. Other people will feel appreciated if you can keep their promise to show up on time. Of course, we don’t want our planned time not to be carried out well if we don’t come on time ourselves.

Build a Good Image

Arriving on time can show that you are a reliable person, you show that you are a person who can be trusted, trying to commit to keeping promises. A simple way to build a good image is to arrive on time.

Apart from being inadvertently late, we must also realize that there are great repercussions if we arrive on time. The excuses that are given too often when arriving late are no longer relevant. Currently arriving late is no longer caused by accidental things but has become part of an entrenched habit.

So studioschoolaurora friends, get rid of the habit of arriving late, okay? Because there are many things that you will lose if you continue to maintain the habit of arriving late.