5 Reasons Why Children Lie

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Children Lie

Parents may think that the main reason why children lie is to cover up their mistakes and avoid the consequences they could face. Don’t be in a hurry to get angry and give negative accusations. Apparently, the cause of children, especially those who are still small, lies not only that. There are a number of reasons these little ones lie to you that might even be beyond your own imagination as a parent. Anything

Reasons Why Children Lie First Want To Look Cooler

Did you know that children may make up lies to make them appear more impressive in front of other people? For example, he may tell many people that he always eats alone without being fed, bathes himself, and wears his own clothes so that others will praise theirs for his independence.

Want To Know Other People’s Responses

Do you remember, when they were babies, they liked to play by throwing toys or spoons at mealtime? When you pick it up, they laugh and throw it again. They do it because they want to know how you respond to their behavior.

Don’t Want To Make Parents Anxious

Children’s hearts turned out to be so tender. They sometimes don’t want to worry you. Therefore, sometimes they may play down their own problems like saying, just to get other people to stop worrying about them. Very sweet.

Catch Your Attention

The children who used to put up their own blocks or color their own paint suddenly said, Ooooh, I can’t. Trust me, this is just a lie to get your attention. This means that he wants more time with you. Give the actor time to play his part and play your part well too.

They Forget

Sometimes children lie because they completely forgot. They may feel so completely convinced that they have done something to say what sounds like a lie. For example, they feel they have cleaned up their toys, but they haven’t.

Have you ever faced a child’s lie like that, Ma and Pa? Maybe you will smile to yourself when you experience it.