5 Tips to Be a Happy Teacher

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Happy Teacher

Become a happy teacher? Smart Master would want it. How to? The task of a teacher today is not only teaching. There is a myriad of other tasks including administrative tasks that can be a headache. Not to mention the problem of teacher welfare which is still homework until now. Smart Teacher, being a happy teacher is our choice. Why should you be happy? Because the happiness of a teacher is directly proportional to the quality of learning. In other words, happy teachers will teach quality. How do you stay happy even if you teach in times like today? The following are tips for teachers to always be happy.

Be a Happy Teacher Always Teach Sincerely

Often teachers complain that they are tired, bored, and don’t even have the passion to teach. Well, try smart teachers to remember the original intention of smart teachers deciding to enter the world of education and choosing a profession as a teacher. The intention that the Smart Teacher has will make the Smart Teacher do the job with sincerity. This sincerity can make Smart Teachers feel light when teaching students. Tired of doing the usual work. But don’t use it as an excuse to be unhappy and make the students you teach feel tormented too.

Avoid Toxic Environment

If there are people around Smart Teacher who say bad things, it is certain that that person is classified as a toxic person. Smart Teachers should keep their distance from people and environments that only spread negative energy like this. Find friends or an environment that supports and motivates each other to become better teachers. Don’t let the sincerity that smart teachers already have been eroded by the influence of people and toxic environments like this.

Set The Time For Me Time

It is undeniable, with the variety of tasks that teachers now have the potential to make teachers depressed. Therefore, don’t forget to take my time, smart teacher. Do things you like such as hobbies, hanging out with friends, or just being alone. Like a battery, me-time is the time when the smart teacher charges energy, removes all negative energy and replaces it with more positive energy. Thus, Smart Teachers will feel fresher and can teach students happily. Things that Smart Teachers can do during their me-time include: Gardening, cooking cakes, going to the salon, listening to music, writing, and many other fun activities.

Wear Your Favorite Clothes

The teacher’s way to always be happy includes always wearing clothes that he likes, of course, clothes that don’t violate school rules, yes. Favorite clothes don’t have to be expensive. Smart teacher’s clothes can build the mood, you know! For example, choose the color you like, or a material that is comfortable to use. There are even studies that say the clothes a person wears can make them feel happier. Try it!

Give Yourself Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are positive self-talk that Smart Teachers must do to be happier. Positive affirmations are statements that are repeated over and over again to get rid of negative thoughts and change your way of thinking to be more positive. To give yourself positive affirmations, the smart teacher simply looks for the words or statements needed to build self-confidence, encourage positive change, and motivate in the mind. For example, a Smart Teacher is a person who is often afraid of public speaking. So, an example of a positive affirmation sentence that can be said is, “I am a person who is brave and can present fluently in front of the class.” Saying positive affirmations regularly every day to yourself has tremendous benefits, you know. The benefits of positive affirmations on oneself include increasing self-awareness, mental health, physical health, and even paving the way for Smart teacher success in the future. Smart teacher, do what teachers can do to always be happy. Thus Smart Teachers can teach happier.