5 Ways to Form a Good Personality

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As a human being who is gifted with reason and mind, it is proper to have a personality that is getting better day by day. The mind and thoughts that are given to us should help us understand things better through the learning process. Facts show that the majority of people with bad personalities are due to the failure of the learning process and the search for identity in adolescence. Therefore, learning to form a good personality is very appropriate to start when you are a teenager. So what can you do to learn how to form a good personality? The trick is to do the following things

Respect Yourself

Many adults later grow up to be less good in terms of personality and character because they feel disappointed with themselves. Disappointment can come from desires and ideals that do not materialize, lack of acceptance of one’s own condition, and much more. Now is the time for you to respect yourself as a way to build a good character. Accept your shortcomings as a form of strength that other people don’t have. Realize that you have limitations so you don’t always have to be perfect. Appreciate failure as a path to success next time.

Learn to Have Strong Principles

People who are called having a good personality are those who have a strong character. It can be interpreted as someone who is not easily influenced by others because he has strong principles. The principle in question, of course, is something that is positive and builds your personal self.

For example, you know that liquor should not be consumed because it is intoxicating and triggers actions that are close to evil. Well, you have to hold on to that principle firmly so you won’t be easily influenced by people and the environment who often consume liquor. Learn the norms that apply in society and how you should behave so that you know how to form a good personality.

Know And Control Yourself

The third way is to know who you really are, what you like, what makes you passionate about learning, and so on. This also applies to the opposite, namely anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and not confident, especially in front of other people. After knowing and knowing yourself well, it will be easier for you to control negative feelings such as shyness, insecurity, and so on. Control and redirect these negative feelings to activities that you enjoy and benefit from, such as karate training.

Fix the Past

One way to form a good character is to accept and forgive all that was not good to you in the past. Everyone makes mistakes and deserves a second chance.

Keep Learning

A person’s personality can change over time when he stops learning about the good things in life. Therefore, so that you can always maintain a good personality in yourself, keep learning about the goodness that exists in this life. Those are various ways to form a good personality. The sooner you learn about how to form a good personality, the better character you will have later