6 Reasons Students Should Have Their Own Laptops

Education For All

If a few years ago, laptops were only used for large companies and certain industries, now their use has expanded beyond the realm of work. In addition to work, computers can also be used as a fun entertainment center. Even laptops also have an important role for students who want to be successful in achieving achievements in school. The ability to operate a computer has now become one of the mandatory skills to compete at national and global levels. Here are 10 reasons why every student today should have their own laptop

Make It Easy To Find Information For Research

Through search engines such as Google, this allows students to find various information needed when conducting research related to the material they are studying. But of course, still under the guidance and supervision of parents and teachers.

Replacing Printed Books

To reduce dependence on printed books, the government is now providing various school books in digital form. Called Electronic School Books, these school books can be directly read by students. PDF format or other popular document formats. The advantage is that electronic school books are stored on a laptop. So bringing a laptop to school is the same as bringing all the books you need. Incidentally, Intel is conducting a Smarter Generation program that has included electronic schoolbooks in certain types of laptops intended for education.

Facilitating More Effective Learning Methods

Students who have their own laptops can use them to study with more effective methods, one of which is watching videos. Unlike reading books, by watching videos students will find it easier to understand difficult materials, such as how chemical reactions occur due to a mixture of substances or math problems that must be solved with complex formulas.

Cultivate Creativity

For modern designers, computers are a must-have tool. With the help of computers, the creation process can be accelerated and digitized. You can even sell your creations on the Internet via a computer.

Prepare To Face The World Of Work

By getting used to using computers, both desktop PCs and laptops, from an early age, students will be better prepared to face the world of work. Currently, almost all companies rely on computers to carry out their business activities. So do not be surprised if the ability to operate a computer will be an added value for students when entering the professional world.

For Entertainment Purposes

The duty of a student is to learn. However, if they are required to continue learning and without entertainment, students will become stressed and experience disturbances in their learning activities. Well, a lot of positive entertainment that can be enjoyed. In addition to watching movies or streaming videos, the most popular entertainment activity on a laptop is playing games. The games available are very many and varied.

For parents who are worried about content or games that are not age-appropriate, make sure you pay attention to game ratings so you don’t get the wrong target.