6 Roles of Families in the Formation of Children’s Character

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Formation of Children's Character

Do you already know how the role of the family in the formation of children’s character? Like a piece of white paper that must be filled out, that is the role of the very dominant family to educate children from an early age with tenderness and affection to build positive habits. Education in the family has an important role in the process of forming a child’s character because the family is an environment for children to grow and develop from an early age until they are adults. Therefore, the existence of a solid family is something that should not be underestimated.

Formation Of Children’s Character Through Internalization

Internalization is an effort to include knowledge and skills to implement the knowledge given to the child, so that knowledge can become part of his character in everyday life. Mama needs to teach children to understand what values ​​are right and wrong. Although everyone’s values, norms, and culture are different, overall the values ​​of love, courtesy, respect, kindness, generosity, justice, and responsibility are some good values ​​that can be taught to children from an early age.

You can teach your child by discussing these values ​​or giving your child some responsibilities, such as cleaning the table, and comforting a friend or relative when they are sick. In addition, Moms also need to protect children from exposure to unfavorable values ​​such as from reading or watching material that is not appropriate for their age.

Give An Example

An example is the most important part of the process of children’s education. Children are imitators, so to provide a good upbringing, apart from teaching values, Mama also needs to set a good example. Of course, to be a good role model requires effort, determination, and the ability to control oneself well from parents. Some tips that can be done to set a good example are:

  • Have a close relationship with children
  • Do what is taught to children
  • Shows that education and learning are fun things to do
  • Have positive habits and an optimistic mindset
  • Admit mistakes and correct them

Doing Habits

In order for children to become accustomed to what is being taught, repetition is needed. If parents give greetings every time they enter the house, then it is interpreted as an effort to get used to it. If the child enters the house without saying hello, the parents remind him again.


As a parent, you should take the time to play with your child, and listen to their complaints, so that your child feels relieved and has a good relationship with their parents. Childhood is the peak of creativity and creativity needs to be maintained by creating an environment that respects creativity that can be achieved through playing together.

Storytelling Method

Parents can educate their children by telling stories. Parents who are willing to open up to their children will encourage their children’s self-disclosure. Children who are open will be more able to accept input and suggestions from parents to improve themselves and help children to become more confident in expressing their opinions. In addition, a story has an appeal that can touch children. By telling stories, Mama can also instill values ​​in her children, so that they can be applied in everyday life.

Giving Advice

Before giving advice, you should also get used to listening. The ability to listen is an important thing to build relationships in the family. Listening should be until a story ends before Mama gives a solution or advice. Advice is words that can touch the heart accompanied by example.

Giving Rewards And Punishments

Giving appreciation to children is important because basically everyone wants to be appreciated. In addition to rewards, punishments can also be given to further shape the child’s character. However, rewards should take precedence over punishment.

Raising children is not an easy thing, but it is a happy thing. Remember not only to teach children but make sure to act in accordance with the teachings that you give to children because this is indeed the role of parents in shaping children’s character. There is no perfect family. However, knowing how important the role of the family is to forming a good character is very important.