9 Best Educational Website Addresses for Children to Learn Online

Educational Websites – Learning today is no longer based on physical books which we are obliged to look for in libraries or bookstores. Increasingly sophisticated technology creates learning activities that can be carried out online, one of which is through a website. There is a government website that specifically contains lessons for Indonesian students and students. Most educational websites according to this government have an expansion of go.id.
Through government-owned educational websites like this, we can easily find a lot of coverage about lessons in schools and campuses. Not only is it easy in terms of access, but it is also easy for learners to know or catch the lesson. The following are some of the best educational website options that can be used for online learning.

9 Best Educational Website Addresses for Children to Learn Online

Mobile Education (www.m-edukasi.kemdikbud.go.id)
The first official government-owned educational site or website is Mobile Education. As the name implies, this site exists specifically to provide lesson knowledge to students more easily & quickly. Students now no longer need to search for question books or lessons in libraries or other bookstores. This site provides several useful features for students, ranging from ATUN or National Exam Tryout Application, AML or Mobile Learning Application, and also ATA or Teaching Aids Application.
To make it easier for students, specific implementations are also provided that can be installed on smartphones. For example, the implementation of ATUN which is already available on the Google Playstore. This website itself was developed by the BPMP of the Ministry of Education and Culture which aims to create student learning media.

Educational Radio (www.radioedukasi.kemdikbud.go.id)
Furthermore, there is the Educational Radio Website which is also the best educational website not only for students but also for teachers. This website is considered the most complete, because it not only contains information about education, but also tips, information to learning audio. For this learning audio product itself has included for PAUD students, elementary / elementary schools, junior high schools / junior high schools, high schools / high schools, blind to teachers.

Library (www.perpustakaan.kemdikbud.go.id)
As the name implies, this website is indeed the largest & most complete library in Indonesia. Managed directly by the government, this educational website provides a very useful collection of textbooks for students & teachers. As stated, this website has a collection of around 200,000 collections in various forms, ranging from books, digital books, journals, electrical journals, newspapers, magazines to audio-visual.
Not only that, but students will also be served using very friendly as a result of being able to feel at home. In it, there are also a lot of important & interesting information about education and the library itself.

Radio Suara Pendidikan ([url=http://www.suaraedukasi.kemdikbud.go.id)]www.suaraedukasi.kemdikbud.go.id)[/url]
Another government-owned educational website that aims to make student education through technology is Radio Suara Pendidikan. As the name implies, the site provides a wide range of lesson coverage through PopCast Audio. The content is also quite complete, starting from audio learning for PAUD, Elementary School, Junior High School, Senior High School, UNIV, to the General Public. Not only that, the site also provides a variety of interesting news about education today. Visiting this site will find it easier for students to find information about the lesson. Every time Radio Suara Pendidikan also conducts talk shows using inviting talented students or other crucial people.

Learning House (www.belajar.kemdikbud.go.id)
As the name implies, this website was developed using the main purpose as a learning house for students and teachers. There are a lot of features about the lessons contained in it, ranging from electronic books, question banks, learning origins & other learning. There are also various kinds of creative learning materials based on community, teachers and Education language & literature works. Everything is available completely on one site or website. Learning is also easier & faster for students and teachers in search of interesting teaching materials.

UN and USBN (www.un.kemdikbud.go.id) information
From the name, you undoubtedly have understood what the purpose of developing this educational website is. Yes, this government-owned website specifically contains information about UN & USBN. The content of the site is always updated synchronously using the current school year. In it we are able to know about the schedule for the implementation of UN and USBN. In addition, there is also information about the UN & USBN trellis, Standard Operating Procedures or POS UN & USBN, to the UN & USBN question and answer book.

Language Development and Development Agency (www.badanbahasa.kemdikbud.go.id)
And the last educational website for student education is the Language Development & Development Agency. As the name implies, this site is only serious about learning in terms of language. There are many features that will make it easier for students to learn about languages, ranging from KBBI, UKBI, Glossary, BIPA, and many others. Please visit the official website to find out all the information provided.
Those were some of the best educational sites or websites for children to learn online that are easier. Because it is developed and managed privately by the government, it is certain that all its contents will not be mistaken & misleading.

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Those are 9 useful educational websites…

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