Avoid These Lies to Children

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You don’t like it when your child lies, so you should start avoiding lies, no matter how small, right? However, try to remember again, have you ever lied to him? Maybe you feel that your lies are for their good. Unfortunately, there are still many parents who often lie for reasons, for the sake of their children. Here are some common lies parents tell, and how you should behave.

Saying All Is Well Just To Avoid Lying To Children

even though you are in the process of divorce. You need to tell the truth if you are having problems or differences with your partner. If you are worried that your child will feel sad because they will lose the love of their parents, you can say that the difference has nothing to do with how much mom and dad love them.

Saying Something Else To Prevent The Child From Doing Something

Like, saying that animals have fleas that are very dangerous when you just don’t want to bother taking care of a child’s pet. You should simply invite your child to promise to take care of the pet and give him the consequences if he doesn’t keep his promise. It also teaches children to be responsible and

Say Something Else To Persuade The Child Not To Cry Anymore

In fact, the child should just need to make sense of the things that make him sad or afraid. Let him cry if he is sad because any emotion needs to be accepted and validated. Accompany him, say you will stay with him until he is finished with his sadness and tears. If he wants to hug you, give him the warmest hug.

Denying The Child’s Feelings, When He Lost Something

In fact, this denial will only make the child feel alone and unable to understand himself. On the other hand, parents need to invite their children to understand that something can be lost but they need to appreciate what is still there.