Cultivating Courage in Shy Children

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It’s easy to feel embarrassed, actually quite normal and natural to happen. However, so that the child’s shy nature does not interfere with his social life, parents need to help grow his courage. However, a child who is too shy can have difficulty in living his life. Let’s help your little one overcome the shy nature in him. Although it is common in children, there are actually other factors that can cause a child to be shy, such as imitating the nature of their parents, not being taught to socialize from an early age, being victims of bullying, and always be required to be the best in everything. Actually shy children may want to socialize, but they often feel afraid, doubtful, and don’t know-how. Here are some things moms and dads can do to cultivate courage in a shy child:

Encourage Children To Tell Stories

Shy children generally feel reluctant to tell stories and display their abilities. Therefore, try to invite your little one to pour out his heart, in order to find out what makes him feel shy easily. That way, Mom and Dad can determine the right way to encourage his courage and fight the shame he feels. If parents are able to listen to their child’s heart, the little one can also feel that they have a place to express their feelings. This will gradually help him to be more courageous in communicating with others.

Don’t Call A Shy Child

Even if he is shy, avoid calling him a “shy kid”, because he may actually believe that he is what people say he is. On the other hand, Mom and Dad can encourage him to be more courageous, through affirmative and supportive words, every time he tries to do something new, such as “Wow, your daughter, you are great and brave, aren’t you? Great!”.

Avoid Scolding Children

When the child begins to show a shy nature, Mother and Father should not immediately scold or make fun of him. Don’t force him to do what he’s afraid of. Try to understand his feelings first. Position the mother and father’s point of view, as the little one sees the people and the environment around him. Mom and Dad can also give examples of how to deal with situations that your little one avoids.

Place Children In Social Situations

Parents can come down directly to help children get along with their friends. For example, during school events, Mom and Dad can start talking with their friends and provoke the Little One to interact with them.

Build Self-Confidence

Build the courage to interact with strangers. For example, telling him to order the food he wants to the waiter when eating at a restaurant, or giving him money to pay for groceries at the cashier. Parents can also have a small party at home and invite their friends and their parents.

Show Confidence In Front Of Your Little One

Be a good example for children. Usually, children like to imitate what their parents do. Well, when Mom and Dad often greet neighbors when they meet on the street or be friendly to others with confidence, your little one may be able to follow the example.

Give A Compliment

When the child manages to show his confidence or successfully greets others, then Mom and Dad can give appreciation for him, in the form of praise. So, parents should also not force or scold when the Little One is still a shy person and has not been able to be brave according to parental expectations. If your shyness is too much, you should consult a child psychologist to get the right solution.