Developing Positive Children’s Character

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Children are born with their own unique character. There are characters who prefer to socialize, while others are shy. Some of the children were too rigid, but there were also some who showed extraordinary courage. However, after all, your little one has the potential to develop good traits or character over time. Several things have an effect on shaping the character of the Little One. This can help you guide your little one so that he can grow with his best character. Here are things to pay attention to because they affect the child’s character:

Heredity or Genes

The innate personality of a child from birth may be one of the important factors that determine his character. Basically, every child has their own weaknesses and strengths which will affect the development of their character in the future.

Parenting Pattern

For example, if you apply very strict rules and have high expectations for your little one, then he can grow up to be a child who demands perfection and becomes very strict with himself. The behavior that you introduce and model for your little one will be a part of his life from an early age.

Media Exposure

Starting from the cartoons he watches to games on gadgets, these can all contribute to the values ​​or teachings that the Little One believes in, even into adulthood. Monitor all media exposure the child receives. You can also teach them to assess and sort out what information is good and bad for them.


When your little one starts school, he doesn’t just learn to count and read. Your little one will also be required to learn how to behave from their teachers

Friends of the Same Age

Even though your child has a strong character or nature, the influence and pressure from his friends will also shape his opinion of him.