Does Homeschooling Get a National Education System Recognized Diploma?

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TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The term homeschooling is familiar to the ear. However, there are not a few people who are misguided in understanding homeschooling. Some questions like Does homeschooling get a diploma? What is the status of homeschooling, is it official or unofficial? In addition to those two questions, there are many other homeschooling questions that arise in the community. What is Homeschooling?

There is really no definition of homeschooling or home schooling. Reporting, in general, homeschooling is defined as an alternative model of learning other than in conventional schools, both colleagues and communities with their own regulations regarding the process of providing education. In addition to homeschooling, the term home schooling is also known as home education, home based learning, or independent schooling.

Based on this explanation, homeschooling is not an educational institution or tutoring carried out by an institution. Homeschooling is a model of learning at home with parents in charge of the main person. Through homeschooling, parents can determine for themselves the right teaching system according to their children’s abilities, interests, and learning styles.

Quoted in the 2020 edition of the Journal of Education For All, although it is identical to learning at home, homeschooling can actually be done in many places, such as libraries, museums, laboratory, tourist attractions and the surrounding environment. Over time, homeschooling methods began to develop, for example, parents could also invite private teachers, register courses for children, involve children in the internship process, and so on.

Quoted from various sources, homeschooling is recognized and considered equivalent to formal school learners. This means that homeschooled children have a diploma according to the level of education taken or equivalent that can be used to register for education to a higher level. Homeschooling is an informal school that has been regulated in the National Education System Law.

Homeschooled children can transfer to the formll education path and then take the national examination (UN) equality education Package A (equivalent to elementary school), B (equivalent to junior high school), and C (equivalent to high school). Including if children who graduate from homeschooling want to continue to universities in Indonesia, both private and public, previously they must obtain a diploma through an equality exam, or what is popularly known as a C package diploma.

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