Dyslexia Characteristics at Different Ages

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Has your child or loved ones been having trouble reading and writing when their peers were already fluent? You need to be careful because they could be dyslexic. Therefore, let us recognize the dyslexia characteristics at different ages before it is too late!

Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty reading and spelling words. This is a neurological disorder in the brainstem where it processes language. However, this issue has nothing to do with one’s intelligence, as long as it is managed and handled properly. You may think that this condition is only experienced by children but adults too. Of course, this is a challenge for sufferers. Although there is no cure for dyslexia, early diagnosis intervention leads to better academic, social, and emotional outcomes. However, there is a lot of support that can be obtained to improve their reading and writing skills so that they have the opportunity to go to school and work. Here are characteristics of dyslexia in children, teenagers, and adults.

  • Characteristics of Dyslexia in Children (Before School Age)

  • Difficulty in rhyming words
  • May have delay in speech and/or language
  • Difficulty learning letters and sounds
  • May have trouble pronouncing certain words
  • Has a familly history of reading difficulties

  • Characteristics of Dyslexia in Children (Pre-K to 5th Grade)

  • Oral language and reasoning are often advanced than reading
  • Trouble blending and segmenting sounds in words
  • Difficulty remembering sight words (bd, on, no)
  • Continues to sound out words after many exposures
  • spell words the way they sound, not the way they look
  • May have a co-occuring disorder (dysgraphia, ADHD, language impairment)


  • Characteristics of Dyslexia in Teenagers and Adults

  • Has a slow reading rate
  • Has difficulty completing timed tests without acommodations.
  • Still struggles with spelling
  • Does not enjoy reading or spending time reading
  • May have a co-occuring disorder (ADHD, language impairment)
  • Difficulty learing a foreign language
  • Takes longer to complete assignments

  • Common Characteristics of Someone with Dyslexia

For those who are very unfamiliar with this disorder, There are some common characteristics of a person with dyslexia that we can take as a precaution.

  • May excel in other areas that don’t involve reading 
  • May have a co-occuring disorder (ADHD, language impairment)
  • Has a slow reading rate and dicciculty spelling certain words
  • May have low self-esteem and lack confidence
  • Has a test profile that is characterized by strengths and weeknesses

Those are the characteristics and signs that we can use to identify dyslexia. However, we must remember that dyslexia does not always give the same symptoms at each age. Dyslexia usually goes unnoticed in childhood and continues into adulthood. Therefore, parents or family should make observations carefully, especially if they have risk factors for dyslexia in the family itself. You can identify its characteristics easily through this infographic WPS. If you are still in doubt about some things, you can consult further with a specialist. There will be diagnosis and treatment carried out to help people with dyslexia. Hopefully, this can help to raise awareness of dyslexia that most people may not think about.