Easy Ways to Recognize Characteristics of People

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Guessing the characteristics of people is fun and full of challenges. Surely you have also guessed the characteristics of a person both in the office and in a social environment. From the first meeting, sometimes you can already guess what the person is like, their credibility and performance, even their hobbies. Here are ways and some small things that can be considered to describe a person’s characteristics.

Recognize Characteristics Through Eyes Gaze

If our interlocutor maintains eye contact while talking, it means he is an aggressive and somewhat scary person. However, if he maintains eye contact around 60% then his character is fun, friendly, trustworthy, and interesting. Lack of eye contact when communicating can reflect a lack of will and self-control.


A graphologist Kathi McKnight explained that large fonts tend to be more extroverted, while small fonts are more introverted. In addition to the type of writing, the series of letters that tend to slant to the right means they have a sentimental and friendly nature. If the circuit is upright then they are pragmatic. While writing is more inclined to the left then they have an introspective nature.

Shake Hands

Usually, this is the second factor after the eyes in drawing a person’s personality. Although usually done for the first time meeting or meeting new people, this handshake has a career impact. Usually, people who shake hands weakly are often described as people who lack confidence, are shy, and don’t like to accept challenges. Otherwise, he is a confident and expressive person.

Favorite Color

Color also affects a person’s characteristics. Black often represents a character who is full of detail, sensitive, and artistic while white is closely related to those who are logical and organized. Red as the color of courage will encourage someone to be proactive. Green symbolizes loyalty and affection. Blue is described as a color that is stable, sensitive, and likes to seek the attention of others. Yellow is a symbol of the joy that describes a creative person.

Time Discipline

As a professional, of course, you can provide an analysis of someone who values ‚Äč‚Äčtime or not. People who are punctual are usually people who are disciplined, respect others, and have clear targets. On the other hand, the person is more or less like to underestimate other people, is a bit lazy, and is not able to use his time properly.

How to Communicate

If they tend to talk about themselves, they are more likely to be stubborn, selfish and tend to be a little hard to share. And when they share very little about themselves, they are friendly, humble, and sharing.

Those are some ways to easily know someone’s character that you can try. Hope it’s useful