Electrician Schools

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For those of you who are still confused about choosing a college major, you can consider choosing a major that is engaged in the Electrician Schools. Before you decide on Electrician Schools, there are several things you should understand, including the following:

Electrician Work

An electrician is involved in the planning and implementation of the installation of new electrical wiring and systems, or the repair of existing electrical systems. This involves all aspects of ensuring compliance to code, planning the placement of the wires and electrical conduit, running the wires and hooking up the systems, testing the resulting end product of their work, and more. The electrician also sets up and installs the housing, wall panels, or switches at the destination location for the electrical wiring that they install. In addition to complying with local building codes, an electrician must follow the National Electric Code as part of their work.

Electrician Skills

An electrician must have the ability to pay attention to detail, and the ability to follow instructions precisely. Electricians do substantial work where poor implementation can lead to safety risks, so these skills are a must. In addition, an electrician must have a good color vision as color coding of wires is commonplace, and electricians must also have good physical flexibility and agility as the work often involves work in confined or hard to get to places.

Electrician School Courses

Electrician schools train you in all the basics of being an electrician. Electrician schools include courses in basic electronics, electrical codes, safety, and first aid procedures, and basic electrical theory. Electrician schools often include course content on specialized systems as well, such as fire alarms, smoke alarms, security systems, generators, and perhaps items such as elevators and escalators. Electrician schools also train you on how to install wiring, or other items such as coaxial cable, into existing structures. For example, these types of courses help you understand where best to drill holes, install conduits, run wires, and minimize the visual impact on the existing physical structure.

Electrician Employment

There are two major types of electrician, the construction electrician, who is involved in new construction About two-thirds of all electricians find work as construction electricians. If you are a trained and qualified electrician, your job prospects are expected to be excellent.