Examples of Discipline in Daily Life

Education College

Discipline has the meaning of a sense of obedience and obedience to the values ​​that are believed and are also their responsibility. In other words, this discipline is obedient to regulations or also subject to supervision and control. Discipline is a feeling of obedience and obedience to the values ​​that are believed to be their responsibility. Here’s the discussion.

Discipline in Planning, Organizing, and Using Time

As we know that time runs continuously, we are silent or do nothing, time will still run. So, we as humans must be able to manage our time as well as possible and use our time with useful things.

Discipline at Work

Whatever work we are doing right now should be done to the best of our ability. Complaining is okay, but don’t make the complaint an obstacle in your work. Because we live in this world, we also need many necessities to live, be it clothing, shelter, or the food we eat every day.

Discipline in Worship

Whatever our religion, it should not be a barrier to keep worshiping our respective God. Worship itself is a form of our devotion as human beings to the God that each of us adheres to.

Discipline in Society

Humans are social creatures, humans cannot live alone. Therefore, humans must socialize with other humans in order to create harmony between fellow people, mutual respect, and mutual help when someone is in need of help.

Discipline in National and State Life

As good citizens we must understand our obligations as citizens. The progress of a country depends on the level of discipline of its citizens. If its citizens obey the rules set by the government, the life of a country will be better. Vice versa, if its citizens are lazy or never obey the rules, the country will back down.