Growing Children’s Confidence

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It is important for parents to help build their little one’s self-confidence from an early age. Confidence is not just daring to show off in public. If your little one already has self-confidence, there will be many positive things in him. He will feel more comfortable in his environment, more daring to try new things, and of course, he will not always ‘stick’ to his parents. It’s not hard to make it happen, Mums. Mums just need to be more sensitive in handling their little one’s growth and development. tips to build self-confidence in children:

Sensitive to Needs

Mums need to be better able to recognize the meaning of crying in their little ones. Does he cry because he is hungry, needs rest, or because of his personal hygiene (defecation). For that, build a routine every day, so that children’s habits can be controlled more. For example, you will be able to know your little one is crying because he is hungry because that is when you usually feed him. From this habit, children will feel understood by their parents for their cries, so that a sense of comfort can arise from within the little one.


Mother figure even became a loyal friend who always accompanied him at all times. Give hugs as often as possible. Hugs are a form of giving comfort to children. The habit of hugging becomes very good to apply. Comfort in the family will give suggestions to the child that he is accepted and loved in the family.


Not by using a bottle or glass. This age forms closeness with children, which is useful for getting used to always being attached to parents. Always give a gentle touch, the child will be more sensitive and recognize the ‘smell’ of the mother’s hands.


You should pay attention to a childproofing home or a child-friendly home. Children aged 1-4 years have a great curiosity. Everything he sees will attract attention and usually, the child will try to touch it. For that, make your house child-friendly.

For example, make the corner of the table blunt, or provide a floor that has been covered with foam carpet. And children tend to keep trying. It’s different if when you try it will harm the child.