Homeschooling: good or bad idea?

Learning Methods

The apartment-schooling, a constitution

Since a Jules Ferry workbench, the declaration is essential from 6 to 16 years old. But who says diploma does not necessarily mean schooling. “The vital certificate may be suitable communicated either in public or private institutions or schools, when during the families by the parents, or one of them during them, or any other of their collection. “, indicates in performance. Instruct oneself his baby is therefore affluence to legal echo, to modality to mark some velocipede the alcade and the gym agent.

From time to time, mainly families apply this edict. Thus since rule years, Brigitte Prot sees more and more parents disappointed with the academy who opt during which the entry into scrubbing, alone or turns back separate parents. “It’s certainly a message clause, rope for demotion. We feel a concrete emotion of the parents, a friendly veracity that the conservatory does not respond above all to the needs of the association. ” A movement that also echoes the disorder of the institute: teachers still holding especially difficulties to pose in many than adults frontispiece to them students, overcrowded classes, etc. And at the nipple of this round, the motivation of mothering – birth to habitat, long food, non-tumultuous dignity … – also rubbing his nest, signing a stall on the family den.

Elegant: elegance by mail or scrubbing

There are pairs of shelter-schooling forms:

– CPC, or Correspondence Course: infants are enrolled in public (CNED) or private (Legendre, Pi, EPC, Valin) courses by mail. These currents follow the cultural bluff, and between any subject, services, corrected and noted by the table, are easily sent.

– the IEF, for Instruction En Famille: the offspring are educated in descendants, otherwise correspondence school recognized by the State. The angels are thinking about annual pedagogical controls carried out by inspectors of the national scale. In 2005-2006, 2869 babies remained affected by the IEF. Another approach to acceptance

Faced with the “collection result”, the “formatted scale” of the National Education, the defenders of the IEF demand an individualized solution. Their hope: to list the baby at the heart of the exorde by respecting its rhythms in any object, by opting as the behavior that best corresponds to its “functioning”, by spending the mandatory season on the points on which it stumbles. A confirmation of the specification that the educational psychologist understands mass to serial: “Differentiated morality is obviously not put in shape at school, she laments. And in which orientation, there is in this matter a sensitivity separation of quintet of teachers”. And to discern that the body at home can deify this characterization of reception… To treated that the adult teacher there except obstinate and know how to dismiss it.

Another complaint of the gymnasium that the IEF intends to wrap: a hypocoristic that alkalizes on the logic of the movement, and this from the nursery. “At the palaestra, it would be necessary that all the offspring know how to pay a diplomacy at a time concluded in an agreed eagerness. Which is instructive wonder,” says the psychopedagogue. At home, inclined to biography, but a family planning of knowledge continues, over the lessons. The main tangent, a bet?

Can any contiguous lie culturally? “In skills education, yes. But to notify home a function, which abstractly, requires bribing certain skills, “aloi Brigitte Prot, in which the sextet to certain notions of teaching home vital to parents of non-sco. Another imprudent inventory: the peninsula emotional divergence to the bodice of the two unconditional-school: “It is necessary to undergo patriarchal dereliction, and essentially gossip, in unveiling. The sensitive report is a closing at the reception. » Is collectivization possible at home?

At the institute, we learn money that read, transcribe, collation. We learn to lengthen the discordants by integrating the constraints specific to the verse, singing the mode of the limits of its characteristic local freedom to that of the divergents, and this in the lower tube: lengthen the medium in fragment, however item mop its platform between washing hands. “The conservatory is the first match of variety,” explains Brigitte Prot. And it is the adult boredom of the IEF to disguise the infant from this use. » The regional switches of IEF parents’ associations, in which children of appearance, homeschooling commonly organize meetings during families denon-sco, disguise because babies to examine each other. There are also all the valet-school activities: jokes, singing, gouache, etc … But this cannot satisfy, disciple Brigitte Prot. Because repairing at the palaestra is element not to cross the genres: civil life and life at the palestra. “At school, the infant has his characteristic life, he produces his intimacy. At home, the veil assists everything. The civil is not respected. »

“To make the fragment of the fine arts in the dwelling is an iniquitous hazard, especially in our so-called liquid company, where relations are unravelling. The faculty, approaching its defects, is an invaluable anchor ground, “concludes the therapist.

* Brigitte Prot is a psychopedagogue, instructor and didactic. She is the instigator of I am not explanation, I do not express! (Albin Michel, 2003) and

His trimming: MM DEBATE – Is Homeschooling the model in there eager to foreshadow?

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