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What You Should Know When Purchasing E-Liquid

Of all the elements found in the world of personal vaporizers and electronic cigarettes, the E-Liquid is the one that stands out. As a user of vape products, this is one of the things that you need to have worry about. This stems from the fact that the e-juice is the main component that is found in electronic cigarettes that give rise to vapor.

The normal selling of electronic cigarettes is in the form of cartridges and cartomizers that come already filled with the e-juice. Upon running dry, you can do the refilling which is considered an affordable option. The only question that you are faced is is knowing the right e-liquid to purchase. The market is saturated with an expansive selection of cheap and expensive liquids which makes the process of picking the right one complex.

The factor of price is one that preoccupies your mind when you are out buying the e-juice. It is understandable when most consumers are wary of cheap products for obvious reasons. The fact that there are cheap alternatives in the market does not appear to interest majority of the users. It does not mean though cheap liquids are always of low quality. Owing to the rising competition in the vape industry, the forces of demand and supply have come into play.

When it comes to shopping for vape juice, you will have to contend with the issue of PG/VG content. Nicotine levels in e-liquids is the other factor that you will face when shopping. It is the device you are accustomed to in vaping and personal discretion that will determine the ratio of PG/VG you will choose. Most of the juices use the 50/50 ratio since it appears to be a favorite for majority of vapers as it works suitably for them.

Whereas the PG and VG perform similar purposes, there are certain differences between them. PG is a derivative of petroleum while the VG is a by-product of vegetable oil. If exposed to high temperatures the PG liquids emit a burned flavor whereas the VG possesses a high resistant.

The level of nicotine in the vape juice is a factor that you need to consider when making your purchase. You will have the chance to make your choice of nicotine level from the variants of the same brand offered for sale. Citing health concerns some users prefer to have a lower level of nicotine. This cannot be done in the case of traditional cigarettes. The recommended usage method is to start off with higher levels of nicotine and gradually move down to the levels you will feel most comfortable with.

Due to the sheer number of e-liquids variants on sale it is best to try out the flavors before making your choice. Brick and mortar shops will give you the chance to try out before buying. Online stores sell special tester packs.

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