How Parents Teach Discipline To Children

Education For All

Moms can teach discipline even in a fun way. At the age of 6 to 9 years, children begin to face the rules from school, face the realities of life, and socialize with friends. At this time, discipline is needed by them. If discipline is applied from an early age, children can learn to divide their time and also learn to be on time in doing things.cHere are things you can do to practice discipline at this age range.

Give Them A Task

At this time Moms can increase their personal responsibilities towards daily work at home. Also restrain yourself from tidying up the results they have worked on, no matter how messy it is. even if you know your child has seen you fold clothes or wash dishes hundreds of times, for example, after that, let them do it themselves and encourage their efforts in doing the work. Giving assignments one or two jobs a day is enough. If possible, during holidays also create moments of community service.

Discipline With The Child’s Favorite

One of the things that makes discipline effective is applying a “trade value” to the child’s preferences. Mama can “swap” what she likes as a consequence of her inappropriate behavior.cFor example, he doesn’t want to lend his toy to his sister and causes a fight. In addition to giving him understanding, Mama can also “confiscate” his favorite toy for a certain period of time, as a form of punishment, instead of physically punishing him which would endanger his development.

Be Firm With Words

When the child argues, Moms must refrain from getting carried away by emotions. Yelling back or being rude is actually like pouring petrol on a fire. Discipline inappropriate words with the same attitude as disciplining him if he makes inappropriate physical contact such as hitting or kicking. Teach him that he should be careful in his words and that they should be used appropriately.

Make A Schedule

One way to discipline children is to schedule activities. Let the child make his own schedule, so he will feel more responsible in learning to adhere to it. As an option, Moms can also give him points or stars as a trigger if he is disciplined to do things according to the schedule he has made himself. As a gift, you can give simple things like extra time playing the computer or playing with friends, or buying her favorite snacks.

Let Them Choose

At this time, a myriad of activities is certainly in front of the child’s eyes. Many parents worry that their children will not thrive if they lose the opportunity to participate in various after-school activities. It’s better for Moms to give him the opportunity to take part in one or two activities that he really likes so that he is more focused and it’s easier to learn to be disciplined in dividing his time.