How to Apply Discipline and Responsibility for Children

Education For All

The role of parents is very important for their growth and development. Every parent should always monitor their children growth and development since he was a child. Parents should not only focus on the newborn until he can start walking, which is around the age of 12 months. Often parents’ attention begins to fall when the child can walk, but this is actually the wrong thing. The age of a child who is 2 years old is very appropriate to be educated in discipline so that later he will grow up to be a more responsible child when he grows up. Raising a 2-year-old child is not like a baby. This will provide many lessons for parents who always accompany their child’s growth and development.

Raising a 24-month-old child is not easy. Of course, mothers have to be more patient. Children’s characters are different. Some children are easy to teach new things. But there are also children who are very difficult to be told new things around them so that it will make parents be more patient in educating their children. Children aged 2 years are more sensitive to something that is around them. For example, they will imitate the sounds of animals they hear, they will do what other people do when they see them, and much more. Parents certainly want to always monitor the growth and development of their extraordinary children every day. Monitoring children’s progress and witnessing the extraordinary things they are doing is a joy in itself for a mother.

Spending Time Accompanying Children Play

Nowadays many parents, especially mothers who work outside the home, rarely witness the growth of their children. Actually, it’s okay for a mother to work, but don’t be too careless with the development of the child. We recommend that you take a moment to accompany the child to play. Wouldn’t it be a shame if a mother couldn’t witness the surprises her little one did when they grew up? Work holidays should be used for quality time with children so they can see their growth and development directly.

Teaching Positive Things

The role of a mother will be very helpful in the development of children aged 2 years. Children aged 2 years are certainly more active and will have a higher curiosity about what is around them. This is an opportunity for parents to introduce new things to their children, such as how to wash their hands, how to drink properly by sitting, how to eat properly, to ways so that children can get used to urinating and defecating in the bathroom. Teaching positive things to children from a young age is not difficult, but parents must be patient so that later children gain useful knowledge when they grow up.

.Don’t Ban Children Too Much

For mothers who always accompany children’s growth and development, try not to prohibit what children do too much. For example, he wants to take a toy, then throw it away, then the toy is made a mess, and other things that are still considered normal. A messy house is natural if you have small children because this is a sign that your little one is growing actively. Forbidding the child will only make him feel not free and will eventually become afraid when he does something. Mothers know, forbidding excessive children can actually make them grow into children who lack confidence. Use another way when you want to say No to children. With more subtle words, it will make it easier for children to understand.

Teaching Ethics to Children

Ethics must be nurtured from an early age so that children can be kind to anyone. Children who are not taught ethics since childhood will make them less empathetic to others when they grow up. In addition, children will find it difficult to respect the opinions of others. Childhood growth is the most appropriate way to teach manners. The method is also quite easy, for example by teaching to say thank you when someone else gives something, teaching to apologize when you make a mistake and another important etiquette that has a useful impact on him later.

A child who is in a period of growth and development and is always accompanied by his parents turns out to have an impact on his psychological health. This will make him happy and comfortable. Imagine if in the period of growth and development is not accompanied by parents, how sad the little one. Don’t let this happen, Bun, always support children in their growth and development so that later they become children who excel and are more confident. The role of parents is very important, especially for mothers because it is a mother who is patient in educating children when they are in a period of high curiosity.