How to Choose 1 Year Old Children’s Educational Toys

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When you and your little one spend more time at home and are starting to feel bored, there’s nothing wrong with using educational toys for children from 1 year onwards to get rid of boredom. In addition to building closeness with your little one, Moms can also hone her creativity.

There are a variety of children’s educational toys available in the market. If it is not possible to leave the house, Mama can try to make your little one’s own toys from objects or other toy accessories. Curious about homemade children’s educational games? Come on, check out some ways to make educational toys for 1-year-old children below that are suitable for your little one over one-year-old

Educational Toys in the Form of Puzzles

One of the tips for choosing educational toys is to use puzzles that usually have various shapes and colors to be arranged into a complete shape or image. Interestingly, you don’t need to buy a puzzle because this toy can be made yourself by printing it and then cutting it into pieces as desired.

Tidy Up Toys in Containers

Having lots of educational toys scattered around the house because they are not taken care of can be a fun play idea. By tidying up the scattered toys into a container, Mama indirectly teaches the importance of maintaining cleanliness in a simple way. Children over a year are usually eager to follow a sequence of steps such as collecting toys and putting them together in a container. This method can be a homemade educational toy for children and Mama.

Race on the Little One’s Creation Track

If your little one is tired of playing with his cars, Mama can invite him to make a homemade 1-year-old educational toy for him, try to get him to make a track or road from used cardboard. Little ones can also imagine by adding a variety of other toy accessories such as blocks or trucks. All of these toys can be used to build your little one’s imagination by making a city.

DIY Number Cards

While at home, don’t forget to teach your little one about numbers and math. Print the numbers on paper and prepare some sticks so your little one can match the pictures in the numbers with objects. Ask questions to play the number cards.

DIY Recycled Art

Choosing educational toys for your little one doesn’t need to confuse you. The reason is, there is one idea that can be used, namely making toys from items that are no longer used. In addition to honing creativity, this aims to teach your little one to love the environment from an early age.

DIY Colorful Bottles

This educational toy for 1-year-old children can be made by preparing used bottles and cutting them into two parts. Prepare paint that can stick to the plastic. Let the child be creative in giving color to the bottle.

 DIY Baby Blocks from Foam

Recommendations for children’s toys for the next 1 year are to prepare Styrofoam foam and cloth. Cut the foam into small pieces. After the foam is cut, you can sew the outside of the foam with the prepared cloth.

 Kids Educational Toys DIY Colorful Glitter Bottles

Glitter bottles can be one of the educational toys that can be made at home. Mama and Little One can make it from used drink bottles. Fill the bottle with glitter and small toys.

Bubble Wrap Colorful

Bubble plastic which is often found in electronic device packaging can be an educational toy for 1-year-old children. Combine bubble wrap with attractive colors. Then, the child can use bubble wrap on the hands or feet.

 Burlap Sacks for Sewing Practice

If you have a daughter, you can make homemade educational toys for your 1-year-old child by using former burlap sacks as a medium for sewing. Even so, Mama still has to pay attention to the Little One when playing so as not to get pricked by needles.

So, those were some lists of educational toys for 1-year-old children at home that you can try yourself at home. Optimize your little one’s development with the stimulation of educational toys and complete daily nutrition.