How To Choose The Right Learning Method

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Learning Method

Learning methods are techniques or methods used by teachers in delivering subject matter to students in the classroom. The technique or method used by the teacher will determine the success of the learning process. Teachers will not feel foreign to the existing learning method in the world. There are so many methods that are already known and implemented by teachers in learning. There are several things to consider in choosing a learning method, namely:

Choose A Learning Method According To The Character Of The Subject Matter

Each subject has its own characteristics that need to be conveyed to students using certain methods. This includes the learning objectives to be achieved from the subject matter. For example, exact subjects are more appropriate to use experimental or demonstration methods.

Availability Of Learning Facilities

Tools, facilities, and media available in schools greatly affect the use of learning methods. Experimental or demonstration methods may not be used if support for these methods is not available.

Students’ Basic Abilities

The basic abilities of students in rural schools are different from those in urban schools. This is a teacher’s consideration in choosing a learning method. Using the recitation and assignment method, for example, can work well if students’ basic discussion skills are adequate. In addition, students need speaking skills in a discussion.

Allocation Of Study Time

The allocation of time available and listed in the curriculum needs to be considered by the teacher. If time is limited, the teacher will choose simple methods such as lectures, questions and answers, and discussions. It is not possible to use experimental or recitation methods because these methods require considerable time.