How to Educate Children according to Age Stages

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Different families, different parenting patterns will be applied. Likewise with how to educate children well, because it is very closely related to the values ​​that are held in a family and want to be taught. Parents who know and understand their little one can make him feel that his existence has meaning, as well as being able to help Mom and dad determine how to raise a good child according to their age stage.

How to Educate Babies

Infancy is a time of rapid change and growth, especially in the first year. In the first two to six months, your little one has so many developmental tasks. Touches in the form of caresses, hugs, and kisses, as well as Mam and Pap’s support, mean a lot to him. A good way to educate children in the early days of life is to accompany them with love so that the little one feels safe and comfortable.

When he has not been able to express his wishes with words or gestures, do not ignore every cry. Even though sometimes Mam and Pap are confused about the meaning of their crying as if nothing is wrong, shows that Mam and Pap care about him and are always there at all times. Or, yes, he just wants to be rocked and cuddled!

How to Educate Children

When children are 2-6 years old, parents often refer to this period as the problem age period—namely various behavior problems such as stubbornness, disobedience, temper tantrums, nightmares, jealousy, fear of something, and so on.

The Little One who had always wanted to be attached to Mam and Pap began to show rejection. Coupled with this preschool period as an exploration period so he will really try to master and control his environment It’s not just Mam and Pap who ‘feel difficult’ controlling the little one. The more Mam and Pap apply how to educate children with high notes, it will only make them grow up to be tough individuals.

How to Educate School-Age Children

School children are aged 6-12 years. It is called the schoolchildren period because indeed the little one is ready to get an education at school and its development is centered on the intellectual aspect. According to Erikson, the child at this time feels ready to accept demands that can arise from others and carry out or complete those demands.

Learning to fit in with friends his age, is considered the most prominent sign in this stage. Their need to achieve personal freedom and to be accepted by their peers is very high.

A good way to educate children can be done by being a parent who they think understands every emotion they feel, following updates on the latest trends, or the excitement of playing with their favorite toys. Not only will the little one be a great child, Mom and Pap of course will also be a great parent