How to Help Children Learn to Write Numbers

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Teaching new things to children like learning to write numbers is not an easy thing. It takes extra perseverance and patience because the focus, attention, and concentration of children are still easily distracted. In this case, the role and contribution of parents are needed, especially in helping the learning process and child development. This time, there are some tips that can be applied to help children learn to write numbers including:

Learn to Write Numbers Using the Number Poster Method

Introducing numbers to children from an early age can be done using posters. Here, the role of parents is needed to teach children’s pronunciation and help children recognize each number properly and correctly so that it can help children to be better at reading and writing in the future.

Using videos

Along with the times, children cannot be separated from technology, especially YouTube. Almost every day children open YouTube and this can be used as an opportunity for parents to invite their children to learn through videos from YouTube.

Connecting the dots

Trace the dot can be an effective way to help children learn to write by thickening the dots that are already in the form of a pattern, either letters or numbers. Trace the dot is not foreign to us so it is often found and very easy to do anytime and anywhere. Parents can also easily apply the trace the dot technique because it is easy to make or you can directly click here. Repeating numbers over and over can also be a way to help children learn to write. This method is considered very effective in addition to helping children learn to write neatly, this method can also improve children’s memory.

Using flashcards

Flashcards can be used as a tool to help children learn to recognize numbers. The use of flashcards is considered very effective in helping children’s learning process because children are invited to learn and play. In addition, the packaging of the flashcard itself is also interesting for children because it is packaged with pictures so that children do not get bored easily in learning. This can be done every day so that children can automatically memorize the shapes of numbers well.

Well, that was how to help children learn to write numbers. Don’t forget to watch other learning video content on the Geniora Saya Bisa YouTube Channel and don’t forget to download the Geniora Saya Bisa application on the PlayStore to access e-books and practice questions.