How To Know The Life Skill In Yourself

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By now, you must have been familiar with soft skills and hard skills. As for hard skills, we have gotten a lot of provisions from school and college. Meanwhile, for soft skills, we can cultivate them through non-formal classes such as the Smart Course. But what about the life skills in yourself? A life skill is our ability, our courage to face various problems in life. Our behavior in facing life’s challenges is a skill that we need to develop. Immediately, here are 10 core life skills mentioned by WHO.

Know Yourself To Know Life Skill In Yourself

We need to know ourselves – what our character is, our strengths and weaknesses, what we like and don’t like. The better we know ourselves, the sooner we can recognize when we are feeling depressed or stressed.


Empathy enables us to understand the needs, feelings, and desires of others. Empathy enables us to accept, imagine what it would be like if we were in someone else’s shoes. With empathy, our social interactions become better. Conversely, without empathy, our communication with others will be one-way.

Critical Thinking

By thinking critically, we digest information more objectively. The more critical we think, the healthier we will be. Just like now, we are facing a pandemic. With the flood of information, critical thinking can guide how we should behave.

Creative Thinking

What does creative mean? When we are able to see or do something in a completely new way, that’s when we are creative. But there are also other factors that determine our level of creativity, my friend – for example, being able to create new ideas, flexible point of view, originality, and elaboration with other ideas.

Make a Decision

When you have to choose a college major, is it easy or difficult, pal? For most of us, making a decision is not always easy. However, we will continue to need these skills, from small everyday things to big things that can change the direction of our lives.


Our ability to solve problems will greatly affect our quality of life. The reason is problems that never find a way out can affect our mental health. Gradually, physical health will also be disturbed.

Interpersonal Relations

How is your relationship with the people around you, pal? The more positive the relationship, the sign you have good interpersonal skills. This skill also helps us to end relationships with other people, when needed, in a constructive way.

 Effective Communication

We communicate effectively when we are able to express ourselves verbally and non-verbally according to the particular situation and local culture. Each of us has a need to express opinions, wants, needs, even fears. With good communication, we can ask for advice and help from others when we need it. That’s why effective communication can help us deal with stress and manage emotions.

Overcoming Stress

It’s almost impossible to live without stress. At every step, we will always face challenges that might trigger a sense of stress. But it’s our ability to cope with and manage the stress that determines our quality of life – and our physical health, especially during a pandemic like now.

 Managing Emotions

Emotions are actually a pretty natural part of our lives. But when strong emotions arise, such as anger or sadness, they can have a negative impact on our physical health.

Having to stay home during a pandemic can trigger all sorts of emotions. Stress, boredom, fear, anger, and various other negative emotions can affect the health of our bodies. If necessary, use Smart Counseling to help you deal with various emotions that arise