How to Make Peace with Yourself for Students

Peace with Yourself

Being at peace with oneself may be a concept that is still not completely familiar. So, what does it mean to be at peace with ourselves, with our hearts and minds? How do we make peace with ourselves? Does making peace with oneself mean shaking hands between the right and left hands?

Accept yourself, and make peace with your own heart and mind, it sounds simple. Even though it’s actually not that simple, friends, especially for children. We need time to realize and process the various feelings that arise.

Even while trying and learning to make peace with ourselves, we need acceptance of our own abilities. Some of us may go through the learning process more quickly, and some of us may take longer. Whichever path you take, here are some ways to make peace with circumstances that you can try.

Become Aware Of Emerging Thoughts and Feelings

Back to the example above. When you notice a pimple appears on your forehead, it means you see a fact. It’s a completely different thing when you’re still thinking about that pimple during a test. Pay attention, do you become sad, disappointed, or even angry because of what you think? Train yourself to become aware of the negative thoughts and feelings that arise as soon as possible. The way to quickly accept yourself for who you are is to immediately shift your focus to the positives every time you start complaining about this or that about yourself.

Do Positive Activities to Make Peace with Yourself

In order for you to focus more on the positive things about yourself, try to start cultivating those positive sides. Do activities that you like and make you feel comfortable, for example. Whether it’s sports, gardening, learning to paint, or occasionally playing games and watching movies. Balanced productive and relaxing activities can make you feel better, so you can make peace with your heart and mind more easily.

Appreciate and Appreciate Every Progress

Maybe last year you were still not willing to share your chocolate bar with your younger sibling, but yesterday you gave him 1/3 of the chocolate bar without being asked. Another example, is maybe you have started to forgive a little underclassman who has teased your crush, without being asked to. No matter how small or insignificant the positive progress you have achieved, it is still progress. Don’t take it for granted, especially if this step can be a way to make peace with the past which has been quite disturbing.

Choose Circle Wisely

Each of us must have something that we regret in the past, whether small or big. That’s good, buddy, because it means we learn and realize mistakes than fix them. Unfortunately, not everyone gives us a second chance. So, it is ourselves who must create that opportunity – even by changing circles, if necessary. Remember, Selena Gomez once said, “You are who you surround yourself with.” If people around you only criticize, how can you start accepting and appreciating yourself for who you are?

Be Patient and Give Yourself Time

Again, some of us may need time to learn to make peace with ourselves more quickly, and some of us may need more time. Someone may succeed in implementing an easy way to make peace with oneself, but the same method may not be successful in being applied by others. It’s okay, Smart Friends. Each of us is different, really, and that’s okay.

Well, now you know how to make peace with yourself, right, Smart Friend? Rest assured, at the end of your journey, you will end up like a more grateful and confident version of yourself