How To Quickly Memorize Lessons In A Short Time

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Quickly Memorize Lessons

Being able to memorize lessons quickly seems to be everyone’s dream. Especially for a student who has to memorize a lot of material for the exam. You even have to take private lessons. However, they often have to be faced with conditions that are difficult to memorize or easy to forget. Then you should learn how to quickly memorize lessons in a short time in this article.

Memorizing in a short time is really needed so that it can increase productivity. Most people think that memorizing is a difficult thing. Even though it was all caused by limited time and a wrong memorization system. Here’s how to quickly memorize lessons in a short time, among others:

How To Quickly Memorize Lessons The FirstĀ  Is to Focus

One of the keys to a strong memory is the focus. You can practice focusing on many things, such as reducing your use of social media. To be able to memorize lessons in a short time, you should make the situation conducive and away from various things that distract you.

Always Take Notes

Taking notes can have a positive impact, even if indirectly. Because unconsciously you have done memorization effectively. In addition, you can also make notes more interesting by arranging text, for example, circling important parts with stability, and so on. Because humans will be easier to memorize from an attractive visual presentation.


You should often reread notes that have been made many times so that the material can be easily embedded in your mind. When you think you’ve memorized it by heart, it’s a good idea to go over your notes without looking.

Get Enough Rest

If you feel like your brain is already heating up from memorizing, then you really need a break. When resting, do not memorize or simply recall the subject matter. You have to relax your mind for a while. If you feel fitter and more enthusiastic about memorizing then you can continue.

Donkey Bridge

Using the donkey bridge technique can be a quick way to memorize lessons in no time. The donkey bridge technique itself is a more fun memorizing process so you’ll be able to memorize it quickly.

Eat Nutritious Food

The ability to memorize quickly is actually related to brain health. So how to quickly memorize lessons in a short time you should also consume nutritious and nutrient-rich foods such as vitamins. The daily mandatory menu that must always be there are fruits and vegetables. Because both are sources of vitamins and nutrients that are useful and best for maximizing the health and function of all organs of the body including the brain.

That’s information on how to quickly memorize lessons in a short time. You can do it with each ability. I hope this article is useful