How to Recognize a Child’s Future Potential

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Every child’s must-have various types of potential and abilities, although these abilities do not always reflect the abilities of their parents. Your little one may be the first person in the family to have a talent for playing the piano, football, or painting. Regarding and understanding a child’s potential is an important step for children’s lives in the future. As parents, we must recognize what potential our children have, because it can determine the future of our children, here are some tips for parents in exploring their children’s potential.

Paying Attention to Children’s Likes and Hobbies

Usually, the things that are the children’s favorites and hobbies can be a guide to find out their potential. Pay attention to the activities that children do, ranging from hobbies, preferences, habits, and others. Let your child explore all of his interests as long as they are positive and not harmful. It is better not to suppress or limit children’s activities because it will prevent children from deepening their potential.

Discussing with Children on Many Occasions

Show attention to children within reasonable limits. Don’t pamper her too much, but don’t ignore her too much either. Parents need to take time to discuss with their children to find out what talents their children have.

Give Children a Chance to Mingle

Allow children to hang out with their peers. When hanging out, usually children can show each other their potential and talents. This method can also be used by children to talk to each other with their peers, about hobbies and things that become their favorites. However, parents still need to observe children’s habits when hanging out with their friends.

Support Children to Participate in Competition

The result of the competition certainly has the highest achievement which can be a measure that the potential of the child is dominant in an activity. Parents do not need to set high targets because it will only make children become depressed. Give positive support that can strengthen the child, so that he too will be happy to do it.

Teach About Working Hard

To recognize a child’s potential, usually, there must be special conditions that make his talent appear. For example, before granting a child’s request, the father can ask the child to do his/her tasks first, such as tidying the room, doing homework, and so on.

Let the Kids Choose

Give freedom to children to be able to choose the activities they like. As long as the choice is reasonable and has a positive impact, father and mother can continue to support it.

Discuss with Teacher

Fathers and mothers can also find out the potential of their children through discussions with teachers at school, especially homeroom teachers. Because the homeroom teacher has a role in educating and supervising the Little One while at school. Regularly communicate with the homeroom teacher to find out the day-to-day development of children at school and their potential.