How to Recognize Child Character

At the age of 4-5 months, the child has shown his basic character. But as he got older, he developed the basic character to become stronger. Get to know your child’s character so you know how to deal with their behavior.

Shy or Coward

Clings to parents and is often restless. Don’t force him to relate to other people (but don’t be overprotective either). Stick to her pick-up and drop-off at school, and limit the number of guests who come when you’re hosting her birthday party.

Angry Person

Stubborn often cries when he fails to do something. Let him hang out with his friends and learn to regulate his emotions. Over time he will also get used to it. Do routine activities with him, such as brushing your teeth with your mom before going to bed.


Fussy and irritable. Avoid itchy clothes like wool, cut the labels, don’t go on a trip or shop too long, he’ll get cranky easily.


Pleasant demeanor, easy to smile. Consider yourself lucky if you have a child with this character. He is like an angel and does not need a special way to nurture him.


Unable to stand still and always ready to run. On long trips, stop a few times so he can run around for a while. Give a game that can absorb energy like a ball or a bicycle


The little one with the character of this child usually has a disposition that always feels enough for what he has. Other features are: Simple, Seek peace with more silence, Not easy to get along with, However, they actually like being around people, and are able to balance themselves. For others, the character of phlegmatic children looks slower, but this is not because they are not as smart and agile as other people.