How to Use Laptops Effectively as a Student

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The process of writing and editing tasks is made easier because you can type in your notes and reports or tasks. Your tasks can be managed and grouped properly. In addition, having internet access provides a way for you to get a variety of information that can help you understand various subjects. However, laptops can also distract you, both in class and at home, so it’s important that you be aware of and monitor their use.

Make notes in Your own Words

When listening to the teacher in class, try not to type exactly what your teacher or lecturer explains. Listen carefully to their explanations or sayings, then jot down important words and concepts in your notes. Also, don’t forget to take notes on the reading or additional supplementary material your teacher refers to during the lesson.

Close or remove Programs that can Distract you

While they can be powerful learning tools, laptops have the potential to distract you during class. Before class starts, close messaging apps, and games, and turn off social media notifications. Also, don’t open websites or apps that aren’t related to class material or lessons.

Use A Productivity Program To Keep You Disciplined During Clas

If you’re having trouble controlling yourself, or don’t know how to turn off notifications without deleting the app, look for extensions or apps that can be set to block certain websites or apps. There are various types of productivity programs available for you to modify according to your needs.

Think of your Classmates

Your laptop can not only distract you during class but also make it difficult for those around you to concentrate. During class, do not listen to music, watch videos, play games, or view photos that could distract or offend others.

Keep Laptop at Home

If your laptop is interfering with your activities (or you don’t feel a significant change or efficiency in your productivity even if you’re using a laptop), try leaving your laptop at home. That way, you won’t be tempted to check your Instagram account during class.

Rewrite Your Notes And Save Them In A Managed File

Regardless of whether you typed your notes in class or wrote them down manually, there’s a good chance that you jotted down your notes in a hurry, leaving your notes looking messy or incomplete. After school, take the time to retype your notes into a word processing program. Use complete sentences and good grammar, and read the notes as you study for quizzes and exams