Is College Education More Valuable Than a Job Experience

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Job Experience or education degree? What values more? It is a discussion that has been going on for quite some time now. And no definite conclusion has still been drawn for the simple reason that it is subjective and it really depends on individuals. Of course, the value of a college education degree cannot be paralleled to that of a job experience. Still, the global job market can boast of innumerable examples of individuals who are at the peak of success without attaining a graduate or master’s degree or higher education for that matter.

For many, it becomes difficult to continue school because of the soaring costs of education & if one thinks that it is more important for him to earn money rather than going for a full-time degree course. Previously a high school diploma was considered enough to assure an entry-level job where the profile is handling basic tasks. At the same time, they had enough years to count as their job experience. As a result, people hardly changed jobs and preferred to stay with that company in their entire career.

These traditions, however, are no longer practiced because today’s job market provides individuals with better opportunities. An individual changes jobs, as soon as they are offered a better growth opportunity and a few extra thousands are added to the pay package. Hence, it will not be wrong to say an individual change around nine to ten jobs in his entire career. Considering this, employers nowadays hesitate to spend on internal training and hire individuals who do not need to undergo development programs and most preferably has higher education degree to their credit. Hence, we can say that there are many reasons why a college degree has a fair advantage when it comes to career growth in the long run.Â

Employment Benefits

 A college graduate is a highly attractive candidate for recruiters. As a holder of a graduate degree, you are at an advantage to choose from a variety of job offers. You do not have to go for an entry-level job but can join middle management for the very first time. No doubts you will earn much more than those without proper degrees. On the other hand, people with job experience without a college degree do not have comprehensive knowledge to handle the business.

Meet Tougher Job Requirements

A college graduate comparatively has better interpersonal & more critical skills to his credit. During their years of college education, they learn & assess the various strategies and factors driving today’s market. They are better exposed to the ever-changing market and can analyze problems & take smart decisions that ultimately result in the profitability of the company.

Career Training Provided

 A college graduate is provided all the necessary career training, they possess specific skills and are learned to perform jobs with detail and understand client mentality at the same time. Some institutes also provide internships to the students at other companies, thereby helping them acquire practical knowledge and greater exposure.

 Increased Income

Investment in higher education is always rewarding. Whatever you spend on your degree course, will return to you as your attractive pay package. You spend a hefty amount to pursue a college education but you are assured of  higher earnings that is much more than your colleagues who doesn’t possess a graduate degree.

Economic Benefit to the Nation

 It is rightly said that a nation cannot progress if its citizens lag behind in education. Because of higher education, a nation’s tax revenue increases, greater manpower results in greater productivity which results in the advancement of the country as aÂwhole.

Social Value of College Education

It has been found that higher education is highly related to good citizenship and family values. Graduates have more sense about the right upbringing of their child, the elements that can progress or harm the society, etc. In a way, their practicality helps in the progress of the society and the country in the long run.

 As it is clear above that college education proves more beneficial for a person, it becomes imperative that more people participate in higher education and fill the gap that arises due to the non-participation in college education. An increased college education will not only help the student to mark an edge but also benefit society and the country as a whole.

 However, it would be wrong to say that only holders of college and higher education can be successful in their careers. Today a number of institutions offer online degree courses for all professions. Most of the courses are accredited and provide the same education quality that one gets in a full-time college degree course.