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While we all wait patiently for this epic transformation to happen to us, we’ll take any ‘fake it’ tips we can get to achieve the coveted look of the new generation Kardashian. Baby Kardashian-Jenner, Kylie is doing all she can to stay out of the shadows of her famous sisters and in a spotlight of her own with her ever growing pout having a dedicated Twitter following, and it’s all down to a little thinking outside of the lines…ok and maybe the face that the she wears Gucci sunglasses so much you always see her lips and not her eyes! We’ve came up with a fool proof guide to achieving Kylie’s full pout without an ounce of collagen!

1.Trace directly over your natural lip line using an angled brush and a full coverage concealer a similar shade to your skin. You are ‘concealing’ your natural lip line – covering it so there is no obvious shape to your lips.

*Be careful not to cover your entire lips with concealer, as the ingredients in foundations/concealers don’t react well with lipstick and the colour won’t last.

2. Next, apply a translucent powder over your lips to ‘set’ the concealer. You can powder your entire lip for more staying power.

3. With an ultra sharp lip liner (for a copycat Kylie look we recommend ‘Spice’ lip liner by MAC) draw in a new lip line. The closer you stay to your natural line, the softer the look, the further you wander the fuller the pout. You can reshape your lips, making the cupids bow more prominent. Just take your time and keep it as ‘real’ looking as possible.

4. Using a soft lip brush, blend over the lines in short feathery strokes, dragging/smudging the colour onto your lips making sure the entire lip is covered in colour. Lip liner acts as a great primer for lipstick, locking in colour and preventing any feathering onto skin.

5. Now apply a matching lip colour, MAC’s Spice comes in a matte lip shade too. Again, using a lip brush, fill in your lips with lipstick.

6. To complete the perfect pout, neaten up any lines with an angled brush and the concealer you used to begin with. Add a touch of highlighter to the centre of your lips with your finger and onto your cupid’s bow.

Now the secret to Kylie’s kissy lips are out, will you be testing the ‘over drawn’ trick?