Maintain Communication Between Teachers and Parents

Teachers and Parents

Communication is the process of conveying messages from one party to another through media or intermediaries. Generally, communication between parents and teachers is one of the realizations of school accountability. To find out the behavior and things that children do while at school or at home, good relationships and communication between teachers and parents are needed.

Children have a lot of time at school on weekdays, after which they will go home and return to their family environment and spend time at home on holidays. Both parents and teachers must know children’s activities, in order to monitor their progress. This shows that teachers and parents have the same role in protecting and educating children.

If the communication between the teacher and the student’s parents is not going well, they will not know the progress and development of the child and will lose the opportunity to educate the child according to their needs. The main purpose of communication between teachers and parents of students is to ensure that children can learn effectively and ensure that their learning needs are properly met.

As a teacher, you must build good communication with the parents of students. Here are 7 reasons for the importance of maintaining communication between teachers and parents of students, including:

Facilitate Submission of Information

With good communication between teachers and parents, they can easily provide information to each other regarding child development. So there is no miscommunication or misunderstanding that leads to commotion. Good communication also creates peace between teachers and parents.

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If you find students who have bad behavior at school, you can tell their parents so that the remaining parents can help you change their child’s attitude. Without the help of their parents, you will find it difficult to change the student’s behavior.

Cooperation to Monitor Child Development

Through good communication, parents and teachers can work together to monitor children’s development. You can ask the student’s parents how their child’s behavior, attitudes, and words are while at home. Likewise, parents of students have the right to ask about their child’s activities while at school. With this collaboration, teachers and parents help each other control the movement of children, both in the home environment and the school environment.

Mutual Support

Teachers are parents of students at school, so the roles between teachers and parents of students are not much different. If communication goes well between them, they can support each other. That way, children’s needs will be met, both at school and at home.

Good support has a positive impact on everyone, both teachers, students and parents. Communication helps teachers and parents of students to channel positive attitudes, such as loving one another, admonishing, criticizing, and giving good advice.

Mutual Understanding and Respect

Good communication creates harmony in every relationship. Where parents and teachers can respect each other’s similarities and differences in each other. As a teacher, maybe you have a different educating style from the parents of students at home, this is fairly natural, the most important thing is that you can understand these differences.

To Achieve Common Purposes and Goals

Teachers and parents of students have the same aims and objectives, namely to pay attention to and make children’s development better. To achieve these aims and objectives, good communication is needed between teachers and parents of students.

The emergence of social attitudes

Communication is very important in social life. Practicing speech and expression in communication helps us to develop social attitudes in the family and community environment. Besides, communicating is someone’s desire.

Practicing Empathy

Empathy is an attitude or feeling of caring between individuals and other individuals that create a sense of mutual understanding and respect. Empathy is created from a sense of sympathy and concern for the social environment. Without realizing it, having a good relationship or communication with other people also creates a sense of empathy within.

If the student’s parents are too busy and don’t have time to contact you, as a teacher, you must take the initiative to stay in touch. Try to contact the student’s parents as often as possible, and don’t let them not know about their child’s activities at school. Some things you can tell about what happened in class, how well their child is studying, and more.‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌