Marketing Education

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This site provides information on marketing education for people who want to pursue a career in business and marketing. Information provided includes a directory of schools offering a marketing education, along with forms to request additional information.

Marketing Work

Marketing professionals work as promotion managers, marketing managers, product development managers, marketing research managers, public relations managers, or sales managers. The nature of the work varies greatly according to the specific marketing job. But in call cases, the marketing professional interacts regularly with customers or with people or companies to promote their company’s products or services. Marketing work ranges from the selling of the company’s products or service to helping craft and then promoting the brand, products, or service of the company, to gathering information from customers about their needs to help make the company’s products or services better or more effective.

Marketing Skills

Marketing jobs require strong interpersonal skills, as marketing people must be infrequent customer contact to gather the information they require to position products and to help in the sales of products. Computer skills are also vital to marketing people as sales and marketing presentations are generally created by computer. In addition, financial analysis skills are required in marketing as understanding business models and pricing models is key to success in many marketing jobs. Marketing professionals need to be creative, energetic, quick to make decisions, and highly motivated to succeed. For marketing people dealing frequently with a foreign country, the ability to speak international languages ​​is a big plus.

Marketing Education Courses

Courses in marketing typically include topics such as brand and product marketing, interactive marketing, promotion, marketing communications, market research, organizational communications, and also courses to develop the student’s computer and financial analysis skills.

Marketing Employment

Marking specialists find employment in all types of enterprises, including in manufacturing companies, services businesses, retailers, technology businesses, wholesalers, Telecomm, government, education, or almost any business segment that you can think of. Demand for marketing professionals is very high, but so is the competition. People with formal marketing education should have an edge in getting the best jobs.