Physics Learning Strategy in Classroom

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Physics Learning Strategy

Physics subject matter is generally considered difficult by some students. Students already think that physics is a formula subject matter. This kind of thinking often starts with the physics learning strategy that the teacher runs in the classroom. Quoting from these problems, teachers need the right strategy so that learning runs smoothly and is fun in the classroom. The following is an alternative strategy that is quite accurate in learning Physics in the classroom

Physics Learning Strategy That Is Using Factual Concepts

Teachers are often stuck with the concept of formulation so that they start faster learning with formulas according to the learning schedule contained in the learning device. The schedule should be modified so that at the beginning of learning the teacher turns it into factual concepts that cannot be separated from the subject matter formula. The physics formulas are mostly derived from factual concepts from everyday experiences of human life.

Create A Comfortable Atmosphere

A comfortable and pleasant atmosphere is the initial capital for teaching students in the classroom. Therefore, the first step for teachers before starting teaching is to prepare the atmosphere and class conditions properly. This comfortable atmosphere begins with the condition of the classrooms being clean and tidy. However, it is not enough without being accompanied by a psychological atmosphere, namely exciting communication and social between teachers and students when starting learning.

The physical and psychological atmosphere in a pleasant classroom tends to lead students to be ready to receive the subject matter enthusiastically, without pressure and burden.

Adjust To Students’ Thinking Skills

Sometimes certain material is abstract and difficult for students to digest. The teacher’s strategy is to make the abstract material factual through verbal explanations and learning media. The delivery of physics subject matter to students is adjusted to the patterns and thinking abilities of students. The verbal language used by the teacher is not too abstract but can be digested according to the students’ thinking abilities.

Conclusion Of The Description Of The Subject Matter

The conclusion of the subject matter is the essence of the description of the subject matter. This is very important given by the teacher at the end of the lesson. If there is a material that has a formula, it needs to be delivered at the end of the lesson as a conclusion from the description of the subject matter.

Balance Assignments

If you need an assignment, the teacher needs to give the assignment proportionally. Assignment questions start from easy, medium, and complex questions. This task aims to improve students’ understanding of the subject matter that has been given.

Thus 5 alternative strategies are considered effective in delivering physics learning material in the classroom. Hopefully useful, especially for teachers who have difficulty in learning physics.