School Solutions For Atypical Kids

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We know them more as atypical children or different children. These atypical children, because their cognitive functioning is different, often need personalized consideration at school. They are sometimes also followed outside of school by professionals such as speech therapists, psychologists, psychometricians.

Who Are These Atypical Children?

Children with dys disorders have completely normal intelligence. These days disorders include:

  • dyslexia and dysorthographia
  • dyspraxia and dysgraphia
  • dysphasia
  • dyscalculia

Sometimes, a child combines dys disorders, so we say that he is multi-days. Indeed, they feel that they do not function like the others and that they encounter more difficulties than their classmates.

At School

Teachers have an enlightening and decisive role in the detection of his disorders because they see the child on a daily basis among other children of the same age! The view of the teacher, thanks to his experience, is often very fair.

Pedagogical differentiation:  On the other hand, repeating a year is rarely considered because it is not very effective and is badly experienced by these children who are already weakened in their self-esteem.

a PAP (Personalised Support Plan). This PAP stipulates all the arrangements to be put in place so that the child can cope with his difficulties. The PAP follows the child for educational continuity. the MDPH (Departmental House of Disabled Persons) can be contacted at the request of families, especially for multi-Dys children. In this case, an AVS (School Life Assistant) can accompany the child in his schooling.

Children With ADHD

Thus, getting through a job is difficult for them. As a result, they are children who get discouraged quickly. Consequently, they have a painful experience with school. Indeed, before this age, many children have the same characteristics since they are naturally present in kindergarten children.

Once Diagnosed (Not For Six Years):

a PAP is put in place. As with “Dys” disorders, accommodations are necessary. The MDPH can also be entered when the disorders are really disabling for the child and the accommodations are not sufficient. In this case, human assistance can be granted to accompany the child in his schooling (AVS).