Steps to Take When You Initially Decide to Further Your Education

General Article

College is not for everyone. When we’re young we claim all these things we want to be, but then as we progress through school, we usually change our minds several times. Some of us even decide that college is not the answer and we go straight into the workforce. As soon as you’ve convinced yourself you’re better off getting more education you should start applying for scholarships, sign up for campus tours of potential colleges, and start drafting your admissions essays.

Applying for Scholarships

Some of us figure out what we want to be from a very young age. If you are lucky enough to be passionate about a career you should start early on building a grade point average that will benefit you. A high grade point average will not only get you into almost any school, it will also get you a bevy of scholarships if you apply for them. College education is expensive By your junior year in high school you should know whether you plan to go to college. Students will also have to take entry tests so it’s best to start studying for those and possibly signing up for those during the junior year as well. If you play sports and you’re well, you might aim to go to a school with a good team.

Sign Up for Campus Tours

Once you’ve narrowed down the top schools, you’re interested in it is time to take a tour. Some high schools have a program that provides a college tour for the senior group of students. I didn’t go to my college tour trip, I wound up following the crowd. Don’t be like me, really consider what you’re going to get out of the school you plan to attend. Get a real feel for the campus and see if it’s something you like or not. Parents should accompany their kids if possible, on the tour as they can spot other things such as safety concerns or just a rough environment.

Start Drafting Admissions Essays

A lot of colleges might ask for essays or recommendation letters from your high school, especially if your grade point average is not ideal. By now you should have tons of practice writing about how you plan to change the world from all your scholarship applications. Start applying to schools early and get going on your admissions letters while you have an English teacher who might be willing to help you. If you can’t get your teacher to help, then your school guidance counselor is the perfect alternative. If you are confused about any of the school’s admission requirements just contact a ucla admission office for help.


I learned about one of the main scholarships I was awarded from sitting in the guidance office with my friend. She really wanted to attend school in New York and even though she didn’t get into the school she wanted she still lived her dream by moving up there after we graduated from college. Take the time to ask all of the questions you have while you’re in an environment for answers.