Stimulation to Support the Intelligence of the Little One

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Intelligence of the Little

All parents want the best for their children, especially their intelligence of the little so that the little one can be tough and ready to face the future. All of this can start in terms of health, mental toughness to good children’s thinking abilities. Actually, the development of children’s thinking skills started when the little one was born until the little one reached the age of adolescence. However, children’s thinking skills begin to mature enough at the age of 3-4 years.

At the age of 3-4 years, your little one has the ability to solve simple problems. What’s more, your little one can do hypotheses, test, analyze and evaluate every activity that the little one goes through. Good thinking or cognitive abilities are very important for your little one because almost all the activities that your little one does, from communicating, running, to draw, all of the above are influenced by the little one’s thinking ability. Good thinking skills will shape your little one’s personality to be active and smart, Mom. There are several tips that you can do to train your child’s thinking skills, including the following:

Playing Puzzles for Intelligence of the Little

Tips to train children’s thinking skills that are fun are to play puzzles. Puzzle games are not new games. This game has been around since Mama was little. Besides being fun, it turns out that playing puzzles has various benefits for your little one. Some of the benefits of puzzles for your little one, such as training their concentration, visual skills, and improving their little one’s fine motor skills.

Playing Legos and Building Blocks

The first tip to train children’s thinking skills is to play with building blocks and lego. Legos and building blocks will stimulate your little one’s cognitive abilities because they come in different shapes and colors. Furthermore, playing with building blocks has several benefits for your little one, such as improving problem-solving skills, numeracy skills, and creativity to your little one’s self-confidence.

Reading Time

It turns out that giving your child time to read regularly can train children’s thinking skills. Reading activities do have many benefits. Not only useful for Papa and Mama, but reading activities can also be useful for your little one, Mom. Your little one will get several benefits, such as learning to remember, solving problems, and increasing vocabulary after learning to read or listening to Mama read a book to her little one. Make sure Mama gives the puzzle according to her favorite characters and try the easiest one, so your little one will be excited and enthusiastic when playing.

Pretend Play

Well, the way to train children’s thinking skills that is no less interesting is by pretend play. This activity is a game that is generally liked by children. Mama only needs to provide toys or equipment at home for your little one to play with, your little one will pretend to be a doctor, chef, or even a superhero.

Besides being fun for your little one, pretend play activities have many benefits for their intelligence as well. Your little one’s thinking skills improve as well as language and problem-solving skills after playing pretend play.

Those are 4 tips to train your little one’s thinking skills that you must know. The stages of children’s thinking development are indeed different, but there is nothing wrong if you have trained your little one’s thinking skills from an early age.