3 Things to Include in Every Cover Letter

Cover Letter

Cover letters are often difficult to write, but they have a solid purpose. When you’re getting employment assistance Savannah GA, you should be learning how to craft an effective cover letter. Here are some tips on what to include.

Extra Details

Because resumes are limited to a certain amount of space, there is only so much information you can include. You don’t want to clog up your resume with too many details, but you do want to show your potential employer that you are accomplished and driven. A cover letter is an ideal vehicle to showcase your personality and highlight the accomplishments you are most proud of. You can also explain any employment gaps and include experiences that aren’t necessarily professional.

Work Skills

You likely have many skills and strengths that you’ve never even thought about. All of your experiences have probably equipped you with a litany of transferable skills that apply to the job you’re applying to. Use your cover letter to go into detail about the things that are most important to the employer. How do you know what they’re looking for? Scour the job posting and take note of the skills, qualifications and job requirements. If you can honestly say that you have demonstrated experience in those areas, tell your story on the cover letter.

Applicable Strengths

While a resume looks back on past experiences, you can frame your future by using the cover letter. Once you get a feel for what the company needs, make it clear that you will use your skillset to meet their needs. Be sure to mention soft skills as well as hard skills. Soft skills, such as compassion and empathy, are indispensable in healthcare and human services positions. Hard skills, such as technical proficiency, are important in almost every industry nowadays. Demonstrate how you will transfer these skills to your desired position.

Although some employers don’t require a cover letter, it never hurts to one in. On the contrary, this step can be what sets you apart from all other candidates, so the extra work is well worth the effort.…