Teacher’s Strategy in Recognizing Student Potential

Education Learning

In essence, the purpose of learning is to help student participants to develop their potential optimally. Smart teachers must have the motivation and willingness to work hard to identify and understand the potential of students carefully and objectively. A good understanding of the potential of students can provide an accurate picture of the uniqueness, strengths, weaknesses, and character of students, and can find out the potential of students.

If learning is in accordance with the potential possessed by students, then students will easily achieve their best achievements. Every student has different potential. The factors that influence this individual diversity vary, such as environmental factors, parenting patterns, hobbies, and so on. Here’s how to identify student potential

Make Observations

By observing students’ preferences, habits, topics of conversation that are often discussed can be used as a reference to explore the hidden potential in students.

Analyze Exam Or Test Results

Analysis of the potential development of students can begin with an analysis of test or exam results. Smart teachers can see students better stand out in what subjects will be seen from the results of their tests or exams. The results of this analysis can also be used by Smart Teachers to recognize the multiple intelligences possessed by students. For example, students who stand out in Mathematics have multiple mathematical bits of intelligence, or students who score well in language lessons have language or linguistic intelligence.

Observing And Analyzing Student Work

There are many ways that teachers can do in analyzing the talents of all students, one of which is through the work they produce. Each student’s work can be made by the teacher as a foothold or reference in identifying what potential must be honed in students.

Conduct Interviews

Parents can also be interviewed to get information related to habits at home, learning difficulties, hobbies, how to do assignments, and so on. Prepare notes to summarize the results of the interview so that the Smart Teacher can easily analyze the results.

Discuss With Other Teachers

At school, Smart Teachers can also discuss with other teachers or teachers in the field of study who teach students. By collaborating, Smart Teachers can complement each other with things that may have gone unnoticed. In addition, discussing with fellow teachers can confirm whether the observations made by smart teachers are objective or not.

Identification of potential in students is very important for smart teachers to determine learning strategies, providing stimulus, and also appropriate actions so that the potential in students can be explored properly and can help students succeed in learning at the next educational levels.