Teaching Positive Attitude and Empathy to Students

Education Information

Maintaining a positive and empathetic attitude is the key so that we don’t get too caught up in the negative nuances that arise as a result of this pandemic. A positive attitude can help maintain our mental health and those of those around us. There are several things that need to be considered by the teacher when teaching and practicing a positive attitude and empathy to students, including the following:

Give Appreciation For Each Student’s Achievement

While studying at home, the teacher certainly doesn’t forget to always give assignments to increase students’ understanding of the material. That way, they will feel their efforts are appreciated and become more enthusiastic about participating in learning at home.

Teachers need to know, students who often receive appreciation from their teachers will grow up with a lot of positive energy. His self-confidence will increase, his creative and innovative spirit will also develop optimally. In addition, because they are used to being noticed, students will also have these habits and tend to be more concerned with the environment around them.

Teach A Good And Correct Way Of Delivery

When the teacher asks or forbids students to do something, avoid using negative words, such as “no” or “no”. Use positive sentences instead. In addition, convey it in a good way so as not to hurt students’ hearts. Good delivery methods can be more easily accepted and obeyed by students. Indirectly, you will teach students how to care for and respect the feelings of others.

Apply Positive Discipline To Students

Positive discipline is an effort that can be made to build the value of discipline in students without violence and threats. Students are taught to be responsible and understand the consequences (results) of every action they do.

During the pandemic, Mr or Mrs teachers can teach discipline to maintain personal and environmental hygiene. Then, invite students to jointly make efforts to prevent the spread of disease by diligently washing their hands and obeying government regulations to implement social distancing.

 Build An Attitude Of Helping Each Other

The attitude of helping each other cannot just appear, but must be built by teaching and practicing it in the surrounding environment.