The Basics of Cosmetic Tattooing

General Article

Getting that popular social media influencer look isn’t easy and applying makeup every morning can get tedious and time-consuming. This is why many people are turning to permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic solutions to keep themselves photo-ready without the hassle.

Brow Microblading

Brow microblading Long Island NY is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that usually lasts one to three years with periodic touch-ups. It follows your natural brow and matches your natural brow color for an organic-looking fill. Microblading doesn’t use a traditional tattoo gun and ink but instead uses a blade made of tiny microneedles and a lighter-weight dye.

Freckle Tattoos

Freckle tattoos can be permanent or semi-permanent. They are meant to be indistinguishable from natural freckles, however, some people opt for trendy patterns such as constellations. For a natural look, your tattooist will help you select a color appropriate for your skin tone, but some braver clients opt for a more colorful spread of dots across their noses and cheekbones.

BB Glow

BB Glow uses a similar microblading technique as brow treatments but applies a semi-permanent foundation instead. It gives clients a more even tone, more radiant skin, covers blemishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Not only does this procedure give you visible results nearly instantly, but it also stimulates collagen production and is therefore a popular anti-aging treatment.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

You can semi-permanent eyeliner in just about any style depending on your eyelid shape. Just like with microblading procedures and other semi-permanent applications, it requires periodic touch-ups. This treatment can make your eyes pop without the struggle of applying eyeliner yourself for 2-5 years.

Lip Blush Treatment

Lip blush treatments give your lips a bright, vibrant, natural-looking color. It won’t change your lip shape, but it will correct uneven pigmentation, and enhance symmetry to give you the illusion of bigger, fuller lips. Shades can be customized to match your lip color, or you could go with a brighter or darker option depending on the lip look you want to achieve.

While it’s true that cosmetic tattooing can be quite expensive, the cost is worth the time and energy saved for some people. Depending on how much you spend each year on cosmetic products, the cost could even be completely offset, and the procedures could pay for themselves over time. Talk to your dermatologist and your cosmetic tattoo specialist to find out what permanent or semi-permanent makeup options are right for you.