The Effect of Gadgets on Students

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Actually, researchers do not have a definite answer regarding the benefits of gadgets in education. In general, indeed, electronic devices offer advantages such as portability, ease of accessing materials for students, and convenience for material providers to update. Common assumptions indicate that material accompanied by pictures, audio, and video can make it easier for students to learn and capture material. Imagine you are reading the history of the Diponegoro War but it is equipped with sound and video. Wouldn’t you understand sooner? In general, students’ age determines how useful gadgets are in the classroom. Most 7-year-olds don’t have cell phones and you can still limit their use. However, this is more difficult with 17-year-olds, where cell phones and tablets are easy to find in the classroom.

Phones and tablets that are not well integrated will only become toys for students. Try asking the teachers who have dealt with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Mobile Games, and the various software contained in them. Even if these tools are available as part of the curriculum, abuse can still occur. But apart from that, all gadgets have a positive impact on students, including the following:

Gadgets as Media for Material Delivery

There is a lot of learning by using digital media. However, using gadgets helps students, especially to access various kinds of material that they do not understand. Reading Through Gadgets For Entertainment

Companies are trying to make devices that mimic the impression of a printed textbook. They try to research critical features in the design of their devices to improve the impression while reading. However, research indicates that the comprehension problems stated above are not found in the use of digital devices when reading books for pleasure.

Technology As A Teaching Medium Can’t Always Be Relied On

On the other hand, the use of tablets and computers as teaching and learning materials must also be accompanied by a backup plan. It’s not uncommon for technology to function not the way it should. It takes time to make sure the technology system is working properly. This can take quite a bit of time.

Of course, it is not wise to waste students’ time because teachers have to deal with technology. The use of technology in education can provide great benefits if it is accompanied by curriculum integration, supported by professional technicians, students who are wise in using it according to its designation.