The Importance of Soft Skills for Students

Education World

Soft skills are skills that cannot be measured or seen, but these skills are needed to be successful in the era of the industrial revolution as it is today. A person’s success in the world of work, not because of his academic ability. Not because of one’s technical ability or hard skills. Many studies show that one’s success in the world of work is not based on technical ability. The technical ability only accounts for ten percent of its success, and the remaining 80 percent is contributed by non-academic abilities or so-called soft skills. The following are the types and benefits of Soft Skills for future life and careers.

Communication Skills

If someone has good communication, he must also have the ability to process information well too. Either orally or in writing with precision. In addition, those who have communication skills can provide feedback information appropriately and accurately. Public speaking is essentially a repetitive practice. If you practice diligently, surely you will get better and more skilled. Try recording and watching your own presentation. Doing this effectively helps reduce all the mistakes made when speaking.

People Management

In addition, they must also be able to take a systematic approach in terms of the division of tasks. And able to give authority to every individual involved in the organization. This is also related to Organizational Skills, which is the ability to see and map the concept of the right man at the right place.

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

This skill is a combination of the ability to analyze and identify a problem and is able to provide several alternative solutions in solving problems. An exemplary worker does not want to run away from problems, but he takes the initiative to solve problems at home or at work. Keep learning, hang out with many people, your career will skyrocket and your income will go up.