The Virtue of Online School During a Pandemic

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Online School

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit parts of the world has affected human activities. Many activities are carried out at home, from working at home to studying at home using the online school system. Technology here has an important role in online school during the pandemic. With the presence of technology, the potential of teachers will be further strengthened, although the role of teachers in learning cannot be replaced by technology, with technology, the potential of teachers will be strengthened through the digitalization of education.

Although there are many obstacles and shortcomings in its implementation, online learning actually provides many benefits. Although at first, it seems boring, there are many benefits that children can take from this online school, including the following:

Online School More Flexible

online schools can be done by students anywhere and anytime, the learning capacity is even more than indirect schools. In addition, it can also be adjusted to the capacity of each student.

Teachers Discipline and Responsibility

online learning makes students maintain good behavior with friends and with teachers. In addition, online learning can also maintain a responsible attitude when asked to do assignments from the teacher.

Keeping Children’s Activities Awake

children’s daily activities such as playing time, sleeping, eating, bathing, studying, wearing uniforms, and so on. Online learning helps these activities continue as usual.

Detecting Developmental Disorders in Children

such as not being able to recognize colors, speech delays, difficulty memorizing can actually be detected through online learning.

Recognizing Children’s Potential

parents will more easily recognize the potential of children if they can direct it in a timely manner.

Free to Explore

When learning online, children are freer to choose what they want to learn. By having the freedom to choose what they want to learn for themselves, children are encouraged to learn on their own without any coercion.